"Fastest growing" RPM platform 100Plus raises $25m

By Leila Hawkins
100Plus announces funding to increase adoption of its remote patient monitoring platform...

Remote patient monitoring platform 100Plus this week announced it had received $25m funding to grow and increase patient engagement. The US company says they are "the fastest growing remote patient platform for doctors and their patients". We take a closer look at what they offer. 

Launched in 2019, 100Plus helps clinicians monitor their elderly and chronic disease patients remotely, with the aim of proactively engaging patients so they can avoid expensive, episodic care. Its Virtual Medical Assistant reaches out to patients daily to ensure they are testing regularly and that their tests are in a safe range; if not clinical staff are notified. 

Additionally the platform provides data to inform clinical decisions that lead to better care, and CEO Ryan Howard explains that it is unique by being the only solution of its kind to use AI. 

"100Plus is the only remote patient monitoring product to utilise artificial intelligence and offer an end-to-end solution, including patient outreach, device setup, patient engagement and automated billing" he says. 

Available to patients on Medicare plans at no extra cost, it is delivered fully configured, without the need to connect to a smartphone, app, Bluetooth or WiFi. Several devices are available including a blood pressure cuff, glucose monitor, pulse oximeter and digital thermometer. 

The company recently signed a distribution partnership with AdvancedMD, DrChrono and athenahealth, medical billing and electronic health record providers, which will enable 100Plus to reach more than 250,000 medical practitioners in the US.  

Over the next few years they plan to expand their device line to include additional monitoring devices. "We will also innovate on our AI solution developed to increase patient engagement" Howard says. 

"Using SMS, the platform sends personalised messages to drive patient involvement in the management of their health, including monitoring reminders, follow up care instructions and feedback on their remote monitoring numbers. Patients can interact and ask questions and receive tailored responses based on their treatment plan. When needed, the platform will triage messages that require immediate physician interaction." 

"Remote patient monitoring has more potential than any other initiative to dramatically decrease the healthcare costs associated with chronic conditions as well as help patients avoid episodic care" he adds. 

"With Medicare committed to reimbursing remote patient monitoring long-term, physicians now have both the incentives and with 100Plus a seamless end-to-end tool to improve care and potentially save the lives of millions of patients."


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