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Horizon Health Community Interest Company is composed of a team of highly skilled, motivated and innovative Nurse Practitioners, delivering excellence...

Horizon Health Community Interest Company is composed of a team of highly skilled, motivated and innovative Nurse Practitioners, delivering excellence in the primary health care services primarily in challenging custodial environments. Its primary goal is to transform the offender-related primary care. This is achieved by developing innovative primary care services for people in the custodial settings, engaging the client group and delivering quality care while facilitating enhanced through-care to improve health outcomes.

The Challenge

To deliver healthcare excellence to the patients that it serves, Horizon Health staff mainly work in prisons. However, due to the prison security regulations they must rely on the IT systems provided by the NHS and HM Prisons. When entering prisons Horizon Nurse Practitioners are instructed to leave behind mobile phones, laptops, or other personal computing or communications devices. However, Horizon Health employees depend on email as a critical communications method. “Our small team works in different locations in Norfolk, and rarely see each other during the working day. Email provides us with the ability to clearly communicate with each other,” Dean Toms, Horizon Health Community Interest Company Administrator states. “We did not have an email service when the company was launched. We needed one, and were looking for an email solution that allowed us 24/7, web-based access. This would enable all Horizon Health staff to comply with prison security regulations, allowing them to receive vital emails through prison IT computers and their Internet web-based browsers, while also enabling our staff to work from home.”  Horizon Health also desired an email solution that would archive all the email communications. “Archiving provides us with a complete digitized trail of email communications should we require it,” Horizon Health Community Interest Company Executive Director Ian Lowe explains. “We needed a reliable, 24/7 solution that would allow all staff to communicate from anywhere and at anytime, and that also provided the archiving capabilities that we required.”

The Solution: Cobweb Hosted Exchange 2007

Horizon Health chose Cobweb Hosted Exchange 2007 to empower its email requirements through Internet-enabled hosted technologies. Cobweb Hosted Exchange provides reliable 24/7, anywhere access to email, calendars, folders, and contacts via the Internet. Easy to use management portals allow the administrators of Cobweb Hosted Exchange to   quickly add or delete the users and configure mailbox sizes. This cost-effective solution enables Horizon Health staff to access vital email communications via PCs, laptops, Blackberry’s, iPads, or other devices that have Internet access.

The Benefits

Since deploying Cobweb Hosted Exchange 2007, Horizon Health has experienced high levels of reliability, 24/7 access from anywhere, email archiving capabilities, and additional functions including calendar and contact data – all via the Internet. “The Cobweb Hosted Exchange solution allows us to comply with the prison regulations, while at the same time ensuring that we can maintain constant communication among our staff,” Ian states. “And because we are commissioned from the NHS and work with other organizations, we now have an email archiving capability and a digitized trail of email communications should we ever need it.”

Dean, who manages the Cobweb Hosted Exchange Solution, explains just how easy it is to use. “The management portal is quite straight forward. I can add and delete users in minutes.” Dean also notes that next generation filters within Hosted Exchange eliminate SPAM for increased productivity. And the Cobweb Help Desk is only a phone call – or mouse click – away should he ever need it. “I recommend Cobweb Hosted Exchange due to its ease of use and reliability. We have never experienced any downtime. It’s ideal for us because it’s highly mobile and accessible. It allows us to be flexible in terms of anytime / anywhere use. The cost is also quite reasonable, and less expensive than other competitors that we looked at.”

Ian adds: “We are a very satisfied Cobweb Hosted Exchange user. We absolutely rely on email, and with Hosted Exchange from Cobweb we have a robust solution that works.”

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