Investors are increasingly seeing potential in digital healthcare

By Catherine Sturman
From $1.1 billion invested in digital health, to $6.5 billion in 2017, companies are continually investing in new health technologies and platforms in o...

From $1.1 billion invested in digital health, to $6.5 billion in 2017, companies are continually investing in new health technologies and platforms in order to revolutionise traditional industry practices. This is in alignment with increased demand placed on healthcare services as a result of booming populations globally, where there is now an urgent need to address how patients are cared for, and provide new, innovative ways in which to ensure patients continue to adopt a healthy, high quality of life.

In 2017, the investment within digital health has grown exponentially in terms of funding, according to a recent report by StartUp Health. With investors looking to source new ways in which to deploy capital, approximately 300 funding deals have now been agreed, totalling $6.5 billion. This includes $3.8 billion in Q2, with 10 deals topping over $100 million halfway through this year alone.

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The largest investments have been highlighted in data and analytics, with $914 million invested by Grail. A close second is within education and training, with $600 million invested by Outline Health. Other areas featured were: personalised health ($360 million), wellness ($325 million), electronic medical records (EMR), ($231 million), patient / consumer experience ($200 million), personalised health ($161 million), insurance ($160 million), and workflow ($115 million).  

A number of Startup Health companies are also placing increased funding in a number of areas, with seed funding rising in prominence. These are:

  • Children’s Health – Pathfinder Health Innovations, seed funding, $1,000,000
  • Cost to Zero -Vheda Health - decreases hospital expenses for those with long-term conditions – seed funding, $1,500,000. Additionally, mondopoint aims to empower health organisations to measure the financial value of products through seed funding ($200,000)
  • Brain Health (treatment of brain injury through cloud based tools) – RC21x has been involved through seed funding, $200,000
  • Longevity (HelloMd is supporting through investing in the uses of medical marijuana) – with seed funding reaching $1,000,000, and monitoring patient at home (Oxitone) – seed funding, $1,500,000
  • Access to Care – provides increased access to healthcare providers - seed funding, $1,000,000

 This is alongside a high number of Series A investments.

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