Janssen Israel and Sheba ARC on digital health solutions

Janssen Israel and Sheba ARC develop digital health solutions for psychiatry, gastroenterology, oncology and more through using synthetic data

“Our strategy, as is Sheba's, is to lead by innovation," says Clive Kaye, Managing Director for Janssen Israel. "We're a very patient-centric company with the goal to 'go beyond the pill' - adding value to our customers and maximizing treatment results.”

As the pharmaceutical division of Johnson & Johnson, Janssen focuses on developing innovative molecules for patients in different therapeutic areas, to serve unmet medical needs. This aligns well with Sheba's position as one of the worlds most digitally advanced hospitals.

The Sheba ARC Centre (Accelerate, Redesign, Collaborate) brings together key players in digital medicine - physicians, researchers, start-ups, investors, and top-tier medical centres with the goal of redesigning healthcare.

“Our innovation room at ARC physically connects us to the main players there and encourages us all to collaborate”, said Kaye. "Our strategy - as is Sheba's - is to lead by innovation. We're a very patient-centric company with the goal to 'go beyond the pill' - adding value to our customers and maximizing treatment results”.

Promoting digital medicare solutions

Janssen is partnering with Sheba in three key areas:

1. Supporting promising Israeli digital medicare solutions

2. Getting valuable insights into the patient's journey, using synthetic data

3. Being on-site at ARC to interact with the main ecosystem players

“Our partnership with Sheba consists in finding technological solutions, looking at the therapeutic areas where we wish to focus, plus working with researchers and technology partners-usually start-ups”, said Kaye. “We currently focus on some digital health projects including areas such as Psychiatry, Gastroenterology and Oncology”.

Janssen Conducts research using synthetic data provided by MDClone. Performing research while using such data makes it easier and simpler to locate any event along a patient's journey without having to worry about patients' privacy issues.

Professor Eyal Zimlichman, the Chief Medical Officer as well as the Chief Innovation Officer at Sheba, added: “Janssen was the first industry partner who we signed. We learned very quickly that they share our audacity about where we want to be."

Read the full Sheba Arc Digital Report here


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