Liquidware rapidly integrates workers in healthcare merger

By Liquidware
Liquidware's ProfileUnity solutions migrates 30,000 users in record time...

Liquidware, the leader in adaptive workspace management, has announced its solution, ProfileUnity, was key in migrating 30,000 users when a major Orlando-based healthcare company went on an acquisition spree. ProfileUnity’s automated migration process has proven to support a reliable playbook for bringing new staff into the environment efficiently and cost effectively for any future mergers or acquisitions.

The customer had a very aggressive timeline of migrating 30,000 users over the course of just two weekends. Forthright Technology Partners, based in Florida, were engaged to deliver the support and Liquidware competence to achieve this goal.

“As a Liquidware Center of Excellence, we have many certified technicians on staff some of who worked diligently to assess the situation and business requirements prior to running a proof of concept,” commented Frank M. Merino, VP of Professional Services at Forthright. 

“ProfileUnity is best in class for providing zero-downtime migrations. Using this solution and applying our expertise, Forthright was able to provide a seamless migration of 30,000 users to the new environment in the tight timeframe required.”

ProfileUnity was installed on user desktops and automatically harvested the user profile, including OS and application personalisation settings and user-authored data. ProfileUnity is configurable to cleanup profiles and only lift important user profile data, leaving caches and bloated areas behind. 

When the harvest was completed, ProfileUnity created a “universal user profile” that supported co-existing (both backward and forward compatibility) over multiple Microsoft Windows OSs, allowing the organisation to “migrate once and forever” to newer desktop or server OS versions. 

Its advanced Active Directory capabilities automatically retrieve user account information from domain servers. In this case, the profiles could be loaded to the new domain server and to desktops the first time users logged in. ProfileUnity also handles folder redirection and establishes access to the user’s local printers. 

Because ProfileUnity is so automated and scalable, the mass migration was accomplished with a handful of people over two weekends, not the dozens that would have been needed if it used common tools to manage the domain change and profile migration. The health system’s small team, working with representatives from Liquidware and Forthright, achieved the aggressive timeline goal.

ProfileUnity’s key advantages in this deployment were:

  • It executed the domain and Windows OS migrations in a single step. That capability significantly reduced the overall expected conversion time, and the corresponding costs.
  • Just as significant, the migration executed without blocking users from accessing their desktops and systems during the transition. This was an essential requirement for the health system because its doctors and other caregivers need access to their notes and patient files at all times.
  • ProfileUnity works for all Windows OS versions and for any kind of desktop – physical or virtual, including Microsoft RDSH, Windows Virtual Desktops (WVD), Amazon WorkSpaces, Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops and VMware Horizon. While the new desktops are standardized on physical machines running Windows 10, the pre-migration population was not homogenous.

“Working with partners like Forthright enables Liquidware to deliver our adaptive workspace management solutions to joint customers,” stated Chris Akerberg, President and COO at Liquidware. 

“They have invested in our technology and this particular customer requirement of migrating 30,000 users to a new environments, due to an acquisition, demonstrates the power of us working together to deliver unimaginable benefit to customers.”


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