Nokia & STL Boost for Indian Healthcare Networks

By Amber Jackson & Sean Ashcroft
Nokia and STL partnership will strengthen healthcare business networks in India by providing high-speed and high availability networks

Nokia has partnered with Indian digital technology company STL to strengthen healthcare business networks, by providing high-speed, high availability and low-latency connections.

Both companies will offer enhanced networking and digital solutions in a range of key industries. As well as healthcare, they will cover manufacturing, retail, banking, critical infrastructure and rural broadband projects. They will also explore 5G use cases and compelling solutions for data centres.

STL is a leading global optical and digital solutions company that provides advanced offerings to build 5G, rural, enterprise and data centre networks. The company is dedicated to finding new solutions to improve data centre operations, particularly within the telco and connectivity space.

“This partnership with STL is aligned with our commitment to accelerate digital transformation across industries and governments,” says Vinish Bawa, Head of Emerging, Webscale and Enterprise Business in India at Nokia.

“With STL's extensive expertise in end-to-end network solutions and Nokia’s experience in deploying mission critical networks, we are well-positioned to redefine enterprise connectivity in India.”

Nokia B2B network will benefit Indian healthcare

By also focusing on government-driven connectivity projects, customers will be able to reap the benefits of Nokia’s existing B2B technology portfolio, in addition to STL’s system integration capabilities. 

Praveen Cherian, CEO of Global Services Business at STL, says: “We are thrilled to collaborate with Nokia. STL's extensive experience in connectivity solutions, coupled with Nokia's technological strength in 5G and IoT, creates a synergy that has the potential to redefine enterprise connectivity and transform industries. 

“Together, we envision empowering enterprises to reach their full potential.”

Nokia has a track record in healthcare, having acquired the French startup Withings,in 2018 for US$191mn. Withings specialises in health industry activity trackers and digital thermometers. However, the venture did not work out as planed, Withings founder Eric Carreel bought back Nokia's digital health division two years later.


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