Oneview - launch virtual communication for COVID-19 patients

By Stacy Norman
Technology Group Oneview has launched a virtual communications system that allows medical staff and families to communicate with Covid-19 patients. The...

Technology Group Oneview has launched a virtual communications system that allows medical staff and families to communicate with Covid-19 patients.

 The Irish Healthcare technology company is in talks with HSE in the hope to use their software in Irish hospitals and care homes due to the increased risk of infection among visitors, healthcare and medical professionals.

Oneview has already launched its system in four New York City hospitals who are heavily dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic. 

The Cloud-based system for Covid-19 patients is installed on computer tablets that are then allocated to each patient. The software allows the patient to communicate with friends and family and importantly allows doctors and healthcare professionals to hold consultations. The system also provides a virtual translation service to help reduce the need for translators to be present.

The computer tablet supplies patients with up to date information on the infection and provides various entertainment options to help keep the patient calm during their time in hospital.

The tamper-proof tablets are provided directly by Oneview. When a patient is discharged, all their data is wiped from the tablet and the tablet is then sanitised and readily made available for another patient.

“Healthcare organisations are having to rapidly adapt now to ensure they can deploy critical resources where they are needed the most,” said a chief executive at oneview James Fitter, “and one of the big changes is to the daily ‘rounds’ to monitor patients”.

“This is extremely difficult during a pandemic because of the need for clinicians to wear personal protective equipment (PPE) which is in short supply. Our solution enables ‘virtual rounds’, eliminating unnecessary exposure between clinicians and patients, preserving scarce PPE and ensuring clinicians are being deployed for critical clinical care.”

He stated that the feedback from both medical clinicians and medical professionals at NYU Langone Health has been “very positive”.

Mr Fitter stated that the Oneview Cloud technology was “designed for rapid deployment and does not require new infrastructure, on-site servers or integrations with other systems”.


Oneview a global organisation listed on the Australian stock exchange has offices in Chicago, Dublin, Dubai, Sydney and Melbourne which makes it easy for them to provide customers with 24/7 tech support services due to their time zone differences. Their missions is “to build technology that fosters holistic, relationship-centred care”.


Of staff dedicated to creating experience-changing technology


Was voted patient engagement solution for two years in a row by Black Book Research


Number of countries represented by their technology team alone



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