Partnership expands between Radiobotics and vRad

By Helen Adams
Healthcare technology companies Radiobotics and vRad have extended their partnership to enhance the speed and accuracy of bone fracture X-rays

Radiobotics has extended its partnership with Virtual Radiologic (vRad), a leading teleradiology practice, to develop a full suite of software algorithms to enhance the speed and accuracy of bone fracture X-ray studies. 


Healthcare technology to create a timely and accurate diagnosis 

vRad is headquartered in Minnesota, USA and was founded in 2001. The teleradiology practice has 500+ U.S. board certified or eligible physicians and delivers high-quality diagnostic imaging services. 

Danish health tech company Radiobotics was founded in 2017 and automates the analysis and description of routine medical X-ray images, with a focus on musculoskeletal radiology (MSk). Radiobotics’ algorithms generate fully automated text reports with objective findings and conclusions, including visual overlays, to enhance consistency and reduce errors.

vRad and Radiobotics have been collaborating since 2020. Radiobotics develops AI models that can support a timely and accurate diagnosis of fracture cases across the skeleton. This new phase represents a key milestone in the partnership, further enhancing Radiobotics’ capabilities in quickly developing and validating high quality algorithms within musculoskeletal radiology and vRad’s expansive national dataset. 

These tools, intended for use among vRad’s existing network of 500 radiologists, aim to offer the highest standard in clinical X-ray diagnostics and to help support those with bone fractures - a costly public health issue around the world. 

In the United States, an estimated 3.5mn fractures occur annually. The total direct medical costs for one hip fracture over one year, is US$53,000.


Lowering healthcare costs

vRad is excited to put its extensive experience in using AI practical applications in radiology with Radiobotics’ expertise in software development, focused on musculoskeletal radiology.

“Combining vRad’s experience [with Radiobotics] will allow us to deploy these important tools more quickly for the benefit of our clients and patients”, says Imad Nijim, vRad Chief Information Officer. 

Radiobotics are proud to extend their partnership with vRad.

“Fractures can lead to a patient’s work absence, decreased productivity and disability as well as high healthcare costs, and for Radiobotics it is important to address this severe issue”, said co-founder and president of Radiobotics Inc., Stine Mølgaard Sørensen. “Therefore, we are very proud [of the partnership], being an exclusive development partner on creating a broad fracture and trauma product portfolio. It builds on Radiobotics’ ambition to develop clinically validated algorithms for X-ray diagnostics covering 70% of the skeleton.”


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