Pivot Health launches new platform to support health professionals

By Catherine Sturman
Digital healthcare is taking off at an exponential rate, with many tech companies moving into the healthcare space. However, traditional challenges stil...

Digital healthcare is taking off at an exponential rate, with many tech companies moving into the healthcare space. However, traditional challenges still remain a bottleneck for many acute settings, such as constant job shortages in specialist and general roles, in which it can take months to recruit a qualified and experienced candidate.

Enter Pivot Health. Based in Seattle, the company has created a new digital platform, where health professionals can place all their details and have their specifications matched up to potential employers looking to fill a new or existing role.

The cloud based platform also garners a person’s characteristics and values, ensuring that the individual is a good fit in both skill and attitude, improving and reducing any potential skill gaps.

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Simon Frey, Pivot’s co-founder explained to GeekWire: “Healthcare is the fastest-growing labour market in the US and also the most inefficient. On average, it takes about four months for a clinician to change jobs or for a hospital to hire talent, and every additional day that stems from that inefficient process contributes to higher admin costs, lower reimbursements for the hospital and, most importantly, it contributes to worse patient and medical outcomes.”

Founded by a number of healthcare professionals in a multitude of settings, the platform also provides educational opportunities by opening doors for those who wish to enhance or improve their current skills, and also reduces the recruitment time for employers.

Utilising machine algorithms, Frey added: “It’s a two-sided hiring solution. The technology takes into account work-life balance, salary requirements, specialties and many other factors when matching employees with employers.”

The company hopes to expand across the US in upcoming months, and if successful, possibly move to a paid subscription model.


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