Reflexology in a flip-flop

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The idea that our feet are a second heart in our bodies is not a new one; the belief originated in Japan and is supported by the healing art of reflexo...

The idea that our feet are a second heart in our bodies is not a new one; the belief originated in Japan and is supported by the healing art of reflexology. An alternative medical treatment, reflexology refers to the process of applying pressure to the feet in order to stimulate numerous health benefits. Although usually carried out by qualified practitioners, the development of reflexology products like massaging foot boards has become increasingly popular.

Japanese shoe company Kenkoh has taken reflexology to the next level and has developed ‘reflexology flip-flops’, allowing you to experience the benefits of this ancient therapy all day. Inspired by Geta; a simple wooden sandal worn in Japan and China, the Kenkoh flip-flops were created in 1965 by Japanese shoe manufacturer Kyukichi Yamanashito improve his health.

With styles that can be worn by both men and women, the Kenkoh flip-flops have just launched in the UK after proving to be immensely popular in America and Japan. Championing a unique design, the flip-flops feature 1000 natural rubber nodules to stimulate and massage the foot with each step. With newly developed ‘elastomer’ technology the sandals also absorb shock to give the foot support.

Speaking about the demand for the flip-flops, the Kenkoh distributor for the UK and Europe Jen Antliff says: “Demand is increasing every day! More and more people are beginning to become aware of the health benefits and the availability of Kenkoh in the UK and Europe.”

Kenkoh, which means ‘health’ in Japanese, offer a number of health benefits. Clinical studies have found that they help to improve circulation, improve mood and reduce fatigue. Fans of the Kenkoh products have also said they help with back ache, migraines, joint pain and diabetes.

“An increasing amount of people are turning to alternative medicine to help improve or maintain their health or relieve pain,” says Antliff. She also adds: “As Kenkoh is based on reflexology and the science of reflex points in your feet that correspond to all your organs, glands and muscles, they are an easy and affordable way to gain the benefits of reflexology.”

In terms of future development of Kenkoh products, Antliff says: “Due to demand of non-open toe version (i.e. for nurses at work) we are looking to bring out a closed toe version for the autumn/winter. We are also bringing out a new insole which contains the 1000 natural rubber nodules.”

The price of Kenkoh’s start at £43.99 or $79.99 (US dollars).

Healthcare Global have been lucky enough to try the Kenkoh flip-flops to see what they are like, so keep visiting the website for an exclusive review!

How does reflexology work?

Reflexology charts document how the feet are related to the body; the tips of the toes represent the head, the heart and the chest are mirrored in the ball of the foot, the liver, pancreas and kidney are in the arch of the foot and the heel relates to the lower back.


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