Samsung's Galaxy Note 8.0 Enters The Healthcare Market

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Tablets are becoming increasingly popular in the healthcare industry and systems such as BYOD are fuelling uptake at an astonishing pace. According to...


Tablets are becoming increasingly popular in the healthcare industry and systems such as BYOD are fuelling uptake at an astonishing pace. According to a study carried out by IDG, 41 percent of employees in the US now own a tablet device, so it’s no wonder that a lot of healthcare business is conducted on tablet computers.


At Healthcare Global we have looked at the benefits tablet computers have bought to healthcare, specifically Apple’s iPad and Microsoft’s Surface, and now Samsung’s Galaxy Note is taking its place in the healthcare market with the launch of the Galaxy Note 8.0.

Galaxy Note In Healthcare

The Galaxy Note 8.0 comes with many great features for healthcare professionals; it comes in a number of different sizes to meet the users requirements and is very portable, which is imperative for healthcare professionals and physicians, and it has a number of security features which will appeal to healthcare professionals who may be using the device to access confidential patient information and medical records.

The Galaxy Note provides users with the ability to be more productive and efficient in their work and daily lives. Users will have access to a number of productivity features such as Multi-Window, Polaris Office, Air View, Awesome Note, Group Play and AllShare Play; they will also be able to download healthcare specific applications from the Google app store.

“With the introduction of the Galaxy Note, we defined a completely new category, and one that has been gaining momentum among businesses due to its flexibility in the workplace,” said Tod Pike, Senior Vice President at Samsung’s Enterprise Business Division. “Bringing the Note 8.0 to the Galaxy family of products will bring an additional option for business professionals looking for a device specifically built for the enterprise and flexible enough for a number of industry uses.”

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Unrivaled Safety Features

The Galaxy Note 8.0 incorporates SAFE (Samsung for Enterprise), which offers certified security features, standardized across devices, to ensure reliability. In addition, the Galaxy Note 8.0 features the innovative S Pen to create and edit professional quality work along with note-taking and signature capabilities. Both these features are exceptionally attractive to people working in the healthcare arena as they are dealing with confidential and sensitive information on a daily basis.

The Galaxy Note 8.0 transforms the patient experience by giving physicians a powerful tablet that allows access to patient information wherever it’s needed, integrating with a range of other healthcare solutions. The S Pen also enables physicians to take handwritten notes quickly and easily, saving time and ensuring more accurate input of information.

The Galaxy Note 8.0 went on sale in the US on April 11th 2013 and is set to become a big player in the healthcare tablet market place.


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