Study Says an Aspirin Every Other Day Keeps Colon Cancer Away for Women

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Written by Alyssa Clark Study Says an Aspirin Every Other Day Keeps Colon Cancer Away for Women A twist on the “old school” placebo test, a...

Written by Alyssa Clark

Study Says an Aspirin Every Other Day Keeps Colon Cancer Away for Women

A twist on the “old school” placebo test, a recent 18 year long survey says that women who will take an aspirin every other day will decrease their risk for colon cancer by 42%. Conducted by the Annals of Internal medicine, this study reminds patients that one mindless five minute task could a “saving grace” for personal health— in that case, those are five minutes I’d be gladly willing to give.

Why aspirin? Aspirin helps cells to prevent becoming malignant by preserving the “good cells” composition on the molecular level. The study produced significant results, even only after the first 10 years of testing, showing that women who had been taking the aspirin the longest, were the most protected. This study signifies the need within our own respective daily lives to take those extra five minutes to take care of ourselves, because in the end, those five minutes may save your life.

The study found a direct correlation between a substantial drop in colon cancer in women who had received the placebo to those who were administered aspirin on a every other day basis. Following a group of 34,000 women, the study found those who took aspirin on average 3 times a week to have a 42% less chance of developing colon cancer. With those numbers being almost half of all patients able to possibly become diagnosed with colon cancer, there is no better time than the present to start investing in your most important resource: your health!

Researchers wanted to proactively remind part-takers of the study, and those adopting it in their own personal lives, not too go overboard with taking the aspirin. The regimen calls for every other day consumption, and it’s important to stick to what the doctors order in this case. Aspirin can still have serious side effects such as stomach bleeding and ulcers, so doctors want to ensure that there are continuously patients safe and healthy. The every other day method provides more than enough protection, and no added dosages are necessary.

As to not leave men out of this exciting discovery, the data showed that men could possibly gain protection form colon cancer as well by adding in this routine of taking aspirin every other day to their daily regimen. Across the board, whether your family has a clean bill of health with colon cancer or not, aspirin can help alleviate your potential risk for colon cancer whether your male or female.

If you decide to be proactive about your colon health and incorporate the aspirin regimen into your daily diet, be sure to not ignore your standard health procedures as well. Make appointments to see your general practitioner, go to them and stayed informed. Do not rely solely on aspirin to take care of you; your doctor is there for a reason.


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