Top 10 companies fighting for health & against air pollution

The BMJ, IOSH, UNICEF and more - here are the Top 10 companies fighting back against air pollution with solutions for long lasting health benefits

There are a lot of celebrations taking place in May 2022 - from a passionate Eurovision song concert to Queen Elizabeth II’s Platinum Jubilee - but it is also Clean Air Month. According to the WHO, over seven million people die from air pollution across the world every year, as air pollution increases chances of heart disease and stroke, lung disease and lung cancer. With raised awareness, healthcare companies and other businesses are fighting to change this. 

Here are our Top 10 companies fighting for cleaner air.

10. Zemo Partnership 

The Zemo Partnership (previously ‘LowCVP’) was founded with the ambition to drive a more sustainable shift to cleaner forms of transport and fuels. The Zemo Partnership aims to lower carbon emissions to support the local environment and the planet, but also to improve air quality for those who live in areas with a heavy volume of transport. 

9. Alen

Forget your 5-A-Day or morning exercise, at Alen, wellness begins with pure air. The  Austin-based innovator is fixed on providing safe air to breathe in shared indoor spaces and created the award-winning True HEPA air purifier - which has shot up in popularity due to COVID-19. 

8. Opinium 

The market research society was awarded ‘Agency of the Year 2021’ for its success in helping clients unlock the power of insight to make strategic business decisions.

Opinium works with urban health foundation Guy’s and St Thomas’ Charity in an effort to understand how air pollution impacts vulnerable groups and thus how Opinium can make more informed choices to support them.

7. CompAir 

Global air quality was very different when CompAir was founded in 1872. The company is headquartered in Simmern, Germany and utilises modern production systems and processes to build air treatment systems to meet the demand for top air quality levels.

Although CompAir uses the latest technology it also aims to provide the most energy efficient solutions at lowest life cycle costs.

6. Energy Saving Trust 

The Energy Saving Trust is building a sustainable future for all, by better informing householders to make healthier and more environmentally positive choices. The service is well aware of the dangers to health posed by air pollution and the Energy Saving Trust is focused on promoting ‘active travel’ - moving from one place to another by walking or cycling.

5. American Lung Association 

The American Lung Association has four strategic imperatives: to beat lung cancer forever, to improve the quality of air we breathe, support individuals living with lung cancer and to fight the use of tobacco.

The charity campaigns for cleaner air in public venues such as schools and workplaces, as well as offering guidance for pure air in homes.

4. European Automobile Manufacturers Association 

16 of Europe’s biggest car, truck, van and bus makers are united under The European Automobile Manufacturers’ Association, which in recent years has become more driven to create solutions to solve air pollution. 

In other health related news, the European Automobile Manufacturers Association is also dedicated to reaching zero-fatality transport.

3. The BMJ 

180 years ago The BMJ medical journal was founded and published articles on the climate of the Isle of Wight, in England. Now, it is a global company which publishes in 14 languages - including information from studies and research on air pollution. 

At the start of the United Nations’ COP26 climate summit last year, Fiona Godlee, The BMJ’s editor in chief, took part in the “Ride for their Lives” cycle, to raise awareness about air pollution.

2. IOSH 

The Institution of Occupational Safety and Health (IOSH) is a global leader for health and safety in the workplace, which advises, advocates and trains professionals to care for their employees.

In some occupations, such as construction, driving, agriculture and cleaning, the air quality can have a serious impact on employee health and wellbeing. In one example, IOSH has encouraged a switch to low-emission taxi cabs which could to minimise the impact of toxic exhaust pollutants on drivers.


Headquartered opposite the United Nations base in New York, UNICEF was founded in 1946 with the aim to ‘reach the world’s most disadvantaged children’. Now, it is active in over 190 countries and territories and champions the right to breathe clean air: ‘Toxic air not only violates a child’s right to health, but also their future.’

UNICEF encourages governments and businesses to set legally binding targets to meet World Health Organisation-recommended limits for particulate matter, especially Nitrogen Dioxide (NO2).


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