Top 5 highest rated free mental health apps

By Stacy Norman
Youper rated top free mental health app during a peak of anxiety due to the COVID-19 isolation. As we are all aware, the strain on the Healthcare servi...

Youper rated top free mental health app during a peak of anxiety due to the COVID-19 isolation.  

As we are all aware, the strain on the Healthcare service is at breaking point, so seeking medical professionals help in dealing with “cabin fever” may be a long wait.

Since the government announced lockdown measures a few weeks ago, the number of mental health app downloads has increased dramatically.

Thanks to the digital world and advances in technology, anyone anywhere can receive help, and it is at the touch of our fingers tips 24 hours a day.

Therapy from your sofa.




iPhone: 4.9 stars

Android: 4.6 stars

Youper uses AI technology to help manage depression via their downloadable app. The AI assistant works by talking back and forth with you. The assistant will ask prompts that encourage you to think about your thought patterns and behaviours. This app will talk you through techniques you may need in the moment based on your responses. It will then summarises your conversations with your AI assistant and provide insights that will help you to understand your emotions and emotional wellbeing better.

Daylio Journal


iPhone: 4.8 stars

Android: 4.7 stars

When you stop and think about your changing moods have you ever noticed the fluctuation at certain times? Daylio is an app that can help you pinpoint these changes and help you to make the adjustments you need to feel better within yourself. This app uses graphics to help you detail your daily moods and activities, and then analyse the data and provide you with stats and trends to help you understand your mood better. Reminders are given to ensure you keep up to date with your tracking and journaling activities.



iPhone: 4.8 stars

Android: 4.6 stars

A psychologist designed mindfulness app that will help you to identify your feelings or troubles. The idea of this app is to help you move towards acceptance and peace of mind. The app helps you to practice techniques such as mindfulness through meditation, visualisation, muscle relaxation and all while listening to natural nature sounds. Helping to bring back relaxation and calm to your life.



iPhone: 4.7 stars

Android: 4.6 stars

Moodpath provides a mental health assessment that will help you to understand your mood and know if you might need to seek further professional advice. The assessment takes place over 14 days and asks in-the-moment questions to weigh your emotional wellbeing. This app also includes a range of 150 exercises and tools to help you work on your mental health daily.



iPhone: 4.6 stars

Android: 4.4 stars

Although people are more aware of mental health, there still seems to be a stigma attached to it. Suffering from mental health can be isolating and lonely. Talk Life is an open forum to talk to others who also suffer from depression. It offers an understanding community where you can talk to people who will understand and listen. This app is designed to make sure you are never feeling alone.

During this very uncertain time if anyone feels that a mental health app is not helping deal with any worries, then please consult a doctor. 

Please remember you are never alone.



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