VitalConnect Inc has closed its final Series C round, acquiring $38 million

By Catherine Sturman
Wearable biosensor technology company VitalConnect has acquired $38 million in its Series C funding round. Led by MVM and Baxter Ventures. VitalConnect...

Wearable biosensor technology company VitalConnect has acquired $38 million in its Series C funding round. Led by MVM and Baxter Ventures. VitalConnect will launch its VitalConnect Platform and VitalPatch wearable biosensor in hospitals and outpatient settings across the US.

The company’s VitalPatch encompasses a number of sophisticated biosensors which are able to communicate health information in real-time to health professionals surrounding a user’s ongoing patient care, providing increased freedom and flexibility. The technology will be able to sense skin temperature via a thermistor, heart rate variability, fall protection, respiratory rate and much more.

The patch has a battery life of four days, and has a software platform embedded which is linked to a number of select hospitals. It is currently the smallest and lightest Class 2 medical device approved by the US Food and Drug Administration on the market.  

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"We envision a hospital of the future where inpatient and outpatient care needs integrate more seamlessly to enable a patient-centric model of care that is truly preventative and real-time,” commented Nersi Nazari, CEO and founder, VitalConnect.

“Our close of $38 million in total financing this year will help drive our continued product development and rollout."

Supporting the technology, the VitalConnect platform will provide predictive analytics to enable health professionals to respond immediately, and will be able to respond days in advance if patients’ symptoms flag any sign of potential abnormalities through biometric trends.

Providing a continuous flow of data, VitalConnect will therefore provide a one-stop solution in four principal market segments: hospital monitoring, post-discharge monitoring, remote patient monitoring and clinical trials.


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