Wayne Liu from Perfect Corp. on AI skin technology

Wayne Liu is the Chief Growth Officer & President of the Americas at Perfect Corp. He tells us about AI skin technology & advances in dermatology

Hi Wayne, please introduce yourself and your role.

“My name is Wayne Liu and I am Chief Growth Officer and President of the Americas at Perfect Corp.  I am responsible for establishing and maintaining key relationships and partnerships with our brand partners and retailers, especially across the US market.”


Tell us about your education and career path.

“Prior to Perfect Corp., I was part of Perfect’s parent company CyberLink from 2009. There, I was responsible for key partner developments, sales strategy, and business growth. I grew several multi-million dollar global OEM accounts and managed heavy weight industrial partners for businesses such as Lenovo, Intel, Qualcomm, Time Warner and Comcast. I also worked in various engineering and marketing management positions at software businesses Intel, Broadcom and NVIDIA.  

“I graduated from National Tsing Hua University in Taiwan in June 1992 with a Bachelor of Science degree, from which I then went on to receive a Master’s of Science degree from Case Western Reserve University.  I then completed an Electrical Engineering Ph.D. programme at University of Southern California. I have a thirst for learning, and to gain more business knowledge and later earned my MBA degree in Finance from Santa Clara University in June 2011.”


What led you to this industry?

“I have a strong background in technology and engineering and these have always been industries of interest to me. Technology is a fascinating sector to be working in and the pace of change is extraordinary. It is an exciting and fulfilling industry to be working in.”


What is Perfect Corp?

“Perfect Corp. is a leading SaaS artificial intelligence and augmented reality beauty and fashion tech business solutions provider. The business is dedicated to transforming the consumer shopping experience through seamless, omnichannel experiences powered by award-winning AI and AR services and solutions. 

“Our business and enterprise solutions can be easily integrated across all consumer touchpoints for brands and retailers including website, apps, in-stores, and across social media channels. Additionally, we offer a suite of mobile consumer applications including YouCam Makeup, YouCam Perfect, and YouCam Nails, which have amassed over 1bn downloads globally, and allow individuals to virtually try-on products, looks, and effects conveniently from their smart device.”

Wayne Liu, Chief Growth Officer at Perfect Corp.

Tell us about your AI skin technology.

“Perfect Corp.’s AI Skin technology is an award-winning solution powered by AI deep learning technology that helps to precisely analyse skin and identify up to 14 major skin concerns, including wrinkles, redness, skin firmness, radiance and pores.

“The innovative solution was recently confirmed as HIPAA-compliant in the US, and the subject of a new clinical research report by Dr. Steven R. Feldman, Professor of Dermatology at Wake Forest School of Medicine. Two detailed studies compared Perfect Corp.’s AI Skin technology to both physician assessments and imaging devices confirming it had 90% test-retest reliability and generated skin assessments that were highly accurate and correlated with assessments done by physicians and clinical imaging systems. Perfect Corp.’s AI Skin technology is a seamless and cost-effective alternative that is able to deliver results 20x faster than Clinical Imaging Systems used for skin analysis in dermatology settings.”

How is the dermatology market changing?

“The role of technology and AI are going to revolutionise the dermatology market by providing fast, reliable skin analysis. The accuracy and advancement across AI skin technology are going to supercharge the way that skin concerns are detected and treated in the future.”

What has been Perfect Corp's greatest challenge?

“When our CEO, Alice Chang, started Perfect Corp. in 2014, our greatest challenge came from developing virtual try-on technology with the precision and accuracy that rivalled that of physical try-ons. The hyper-realistic AR and AI is what helped to gain the trust of brands and consumers, who quickly recognised the practical application that AI/AR tech solutions could play across the consumer experience. It was proving the technology went beyond being a gimmick or vanity tool, but a solution that offered true value to enhance and assist in the consumer shopping journey. 

“Fast forward to 2022 and Perfect Corp. has over 450 brand partners, with a global team of over 250 employees across 11 countries.”

During your time here, what has been your biggest lesson?

“The biggest lesson is to continue to be flexible to ever-changing consumer behaviours. Consumer expectations are changing and we need to understand how our technology is adapting to suit their needs, creating custom experiences for our brands and business partners. For example, personalisation has become an essential element driving consumers today. Through our AI and AR technology, we are able to help brands build shopping experiences tailored to individual consumer preferences, helping to build confidence and a more impactful consumer journey.”

What do the next 12 months hold for you and the company?

“We continue to push the boundaries of beauty tech and fashion tech, and look to expand to areas beyond.  We have placed a lot of passion and investment into enhancing our skincare AI technology, identifying opportunities to serve dermatologists and medspa professionals in this field, and building on a more accessible skin care experience. Another big market opportunity right now is fashion and accessories.”


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