Why the UK is the best European market for mHealth

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Doctors in the United Kingdom have an open and positive attitude about using new technologies and digital health offerings into patient treatments&mdash...

Doctors in the United Kingdom have an open and positive attitude about using new technologies and digital health offerings into patient treatments—resulting in the U.K. ranking above other EU countries for the best health app market.

A recent report conducted by research2guidance, in collaboration with HIMSS Europe, found that this perception accounted for the U.K. receiving 55 percent of the favored vote from respondents.

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The consecutive four countries ranked at the top for mobile health app companies in Europe included Denmark, Finland, Netherlands and Sweden.

The survey of 5,000 app developers, health care professionals and digital health practitioners also found that Germany and France have “enormous potential” because of their substantial investments in their doctors and hospitals. But, the rankings for digital health adoption in both of these countries were low, as they revealed that “these countries are more reluctant to embrace the digitalization of health care.”

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Ralf Jahns, managing director at research2guidance, said, “The survey is now in its sixth year and the response this time has been overwhelming, becoming increasingly evident that the momentum around mHealth is growing at a rapid pace.”

The growth of connected care in Europe is projected to have a 19.2 percent CAGR for the next five years, according to Berg Insight. By then some 13.7 million Europeans will use some kind of connected care system.

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“There is a strong need for solutions that enable social care and health care services to be delivered more cost-efficiently without compromising the quality of care,” Lars Kurkinen, Senior Analyst, Berg Insight said in a statement last year.

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Source: research2guidance 


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