Yacht maker designs a 'hospital boat' concept

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The concept of a floating hospital, or a ‘hospital boat to be more precise, has been coined by an Italian yacht designer, newspaper the Daily Mai...

The concept of a floating hospital, or a ‘hospital boat’ to be more precise, has been coined by an Italian yacht designer, newspaper the Daily Mail is reporting.

Mario Alfani, an Italian yacht specialist, was inspired to create the concept after one of his close friends spent time working as part of a medical mission on the African continent.

It features high-tech theatre facilities, testing labs and recovery wards and also boasts a heli-pad and an ambulance storage space.

Earlier this month the hospital boat concept was awarded a prize at the 2012 Millennium Yacht Design Awards.  

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Alfani said he has modelled the design of the hospital boat on Italy’s Bergamo Hospital.

However, its catamaran-style concept means that it would be able to dock close to the shore or on beaches.

Accoridng to the Daily Mail, his theory behind the hospital boat is that it could be used to rescue victims of natural disasters such as tsunamis, or incidents like the recent sinking of the Costa Concordia cruise liner.

He also hopes that it would prove to be useful for those living in rural coastal areas who have limited access to hospitals, or residents whose local hospital or health facility has outdated infrastructure.

Based on Alfani’s designs the hospital boat has the capacity to treat 50 patients a day, who would be tended to by nine nurses and doctors and three crew members.

He has suggested that aluminium alloy would be used to manufacture the boat.

Commenting on his innovative concept, Alfani told local news source L'Eco Di Bergamo: “The earth is surrounded by water and it is unthinkable that there is no tool that allows immediate first aid at sea.”

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