Telehealth & COVID-19 Articles

Why technology is the answer to the mental health crisis

Laura Morrill, Investment Director at ECI Partners, on how technology is key to solving the mental health crisis & supporting healthcare professionals

Lexica: post-COVID-19 responses to declining mental health

Post-COVID-19, the ‘parallel pandemic’ needs attention, say Lexica’s Yasser Khan & Elliot Rose. Here they explore responses to declining mental health

Wayne Liu from Perfect Corp. on AI skin technology

Wayne Liu is the Chief Growth Officer & President of the Americas at Perfect Corp. He tells us about AI skin technology & advances in dermatology

Ryman Healthcare top score at Quality Service Awards

The 2023 Reader’s Digest Quality Service Award awards Ryman Healthcare as winner of retirement villages category, for its effort during COVID-19

The post-COVID-19 future of telemedicine in healthcare

Itransition's Healthcare IT Analyst Liza Dzhezhora explores healthcare after COVID-19 and how telemedicine can provide a new level of care

The transformative impact of telehealth on the care sector

Louise Newbury-Smith, Country Manager at RingCentral explores the power of telehealth on the healthcare industry & what’s next after COVID-19

Improved insourcing solutions can help healthcare workforce

Remedy Healthcare Solutions shares some ideas for uplifting the global healthcare workforce with improved insourcing solutions post-COVID-19

M Ventures’ Noga Yerushalmi on the role of AI in healthcare

Noga Yerushalmi of M Ventures discusses the benefits of AI in modern healthcare and teaming up with pharma manufacturers AstraZeneca, Merck, Pfizer & Teva