Telehealth & COVID-19 Articles

How telehealth is saving healthcare workers time & energy

Liam Canavan, Healthcare Specialist at Loadbalancer, outlines how telehealth can save healthcare workers one of their most precious resources; time

Using AI to shape the future of patient experiences

Adam Ackerman, Head of Health Sector Industry Strategy at Genesys, on how AI technology can help to shape the future of healthcare patient experiences

World Heart Day: 5 minutes with Todor Jeliaskov, inHEART CEO

To celebrate World Heart Day, we caught up with Todor Jeliaskov, CEO of inHEART, to hear about how cloud-based AI is transforming cardiovascular health

5 minutes with Ann Aerts, Novartis Foundation

Ann Aerts leads the Novartis Foundation, which supports global health by using data and AI to address cardiovascular health and health inequity

Home healthcare to reach USD$36bn in India by 2030

Home healthcare has become more popular since the COVID-19 pandemic. With the support of telehealth, the market will hit USD$36bn in India by 2030

Social determinants holding health implementation back

Jay Baker, AVP of Analytics at Edifecs, explains how healthcare providers can implement social determinants of health to help lower costs & improve incomes

5 minutes with Phil Bogdanovich, Cipher Skin Founder & CEO

Phillip Bogdanovich CEO of Cipher Skin discusses the technology behind rehab therapy, the success of telehealth and how to motivate patients

CardieX’s healthcare technology is stopping heart disease

Craig Cooper left school at 14 to be a surfer. Now as the CEO of CardieX, he uses technology to fight the leading cause of death in the USA - heart disease