Heal’s telemedicine attracts $100mn investment from Humana

By William Smith
Heal is a Los Angeles, California-based house call and telemedicine primary care provider...

Heal is a Los Angeles, California-based house call and telemedicine primary care provider.

Heal has delivered over 200,000 home calls in the last five years, while supplementing its offering with telemedicine, telepsychology and digital monitoring services. The company outlines the benefits of such home care as increasing the comfort for those living with chronic conditions.

Since its foundation in 2014, Heal has raised over $170mn across seven funding rounds. Its latest Series D, announced this week, was led by Humana, to the tune of $100mn.

For-profit health insurance giant Humana framed the funding in terms of its Bold Goal strategy, to address the entire needs of its customers.

In a press release, Nick Desai, co-founder and CEO of Heal, said: “Today, the vision my cofounder, Dr. Renee Dua, and I had over five years ago took a huge step forward. Humana's investment and strategic partnership are an irreplaceable catalyst to make doctor house call based primary care an affordable and effective reality for all Americans. We're honored to work with the entire Humana team so that one day soon, all of us can open our doors to better care."

The company said it would use the funds to expand to new markets include Chicago and Houston.

“The partnership with Heal is part of Humana’s efforts to build a broader set of offerings across the spectrum of home based care, with high quality, value-based primary care being a key foundational element,” said Susan Diamond, Humana’s Segment President, Home Business, who is joining Heal’s Board of Directors as part of the collaboration. “We continue to see high levels of customer satisfaction and improved health outcomes when care is delivered in the home. Our goal is to make the healthcare experience easier, more personalized and caring for the people we serve—and is the hallmark of how Humana delivers human care.”


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