GE Healthcare Tops FDA-Approved List of AI Medical Devices

GE HealthCare is investing in AI and ML to power precision care offerings.
GE HealthCare is investing in AI and ML to power tailor diagnoses, treatment, and ongoing monitoring and management for optimal patient outcomes

Multinational meditech company GE HealthCare has topped a US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) list of AI-enabled medical devices.

GE HealthCare is investing in AI and machine learning (ML) to power its precision care offerings, which integrate multiple technologies, including advanced medical imaging, AI and molecular diagnostics.

These solutions are used to tailor diagnoses, treatment, and ongoing monitoring and management for optimal patient outcomes. 

GE HealthCare also topped the list when it was updated by the FDA in 2022 and 2023. 

Healthcare issues GE HealthCare is tackling with AI-enabled tech include data overload, physician burnout, and real-time operational efficiency allowing healthcare professionals to deliver precision care. 

GE Healthcare 'pushing boundaries of AI'

Dr Taha Kass-Hout, GE HealthCare Chief Science & Technology Officer, said: “GE HealthCare is committed to pushing the boundaries of what is possible, utilising advanced technologies like AI, to help deliver the future of healthcare. 

“GE HealthCare’s continued leadership in AI-based medical device authorizations shows our dedication to delivering ground-breaking technology that transforms healthcare and enhances patient outcomes.”

AI and ML-Enabled Medical Devices is an FDA list of authorised devices, and the latest includes 72 GE HealthCare mentions, including those for solutions from recently acquired companies, including BK Medical, Caption Health and MIM Software.

GE Healthcare-owned AI-enabled solutions
  • PRECISION DL: A deep learning-based image processing software engineered to provide increased small, low-contrast lesion detectability compared to our conventional Time-of-Flight PET/CT scanner.
  • CONTOUR PROTÉGÉAI+ is software that automatically generates contours for radiation oncology treatment planning, which helps reduce simulation to treatment times. Editing can be performed, if necessary, by the physicist.
  • CAPTION INTERPRETATION AUTOMATED EJECTION FRACTION SOFTWARE is used to process previously acquired transthoracic cardiac ultrasound images, store the images, manipulate them, and make measurements on images using an ultrasound device or PC for use in cardiac evaluation.
  • BK MEDICAL provides high-resolution images of structures, and an AI software feature to automate prostate-volume measurements.

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