FundamentalVR launches immersive ophthalmology training

By Leila Hawkins
The company is branching out from immersive training for surgeons...

FundamentalVR, a provider of immersive VR surgical simulations, is expanding its training solutions to include ophthalmology. 

The company’s own patented HapticVRTM technology architecture is powering the new training platform. By imitating the physical cues of surgical actions, medical tools, and tissue variations, FundamentalVR can now create immersive, data-driven educational simulations for ophthalmology as well as orthopedic devices and pharmaceutical brands.

FundamentalVR simulations are delivered through its Fundamental Surgery platform, allowing users to experience the same sights and sounds as if they were in a real life operating theatre. These include procedures such as incisions, lens manipulation, lens implant insertion, manipulation of the eyeball, and subretinal injections.  

The platform uses high fidelity graphics, accredited educational strategies, and analytics so that users can acquire both the technical knowledge and the muscle memory necessary to develop surgical skills. Every user interaction including the surgical gaze and movement efficiency is measured and recorded to provide analysis.

 These new capabilities have been developed in collaboration with international eye charity Orbis Flying Eye Hospital, who is Orbis is deploying FundamentalVR’s educational simulation for cataract surgery in its residency training programs and digital training hubs, to evaluate the impact on residents’ surgical skills and get user feedback to inform future software developments.

The way medical educators, device manufacturers and life science companies interact has changed as a result of COVID-19, with teaching methods shifting from the classroom to virtual and immersive solutions.  

 Low-cost immersive simulations in particular are increasingly emerging as solutions to provide remote, socially distant learning, thanks to the ability to collect and objectively measure performance data that was previously unattainable.

“Industry analysts now estimate adoption curves for immersive technologies have accelerated by around three years as COVID-19 permanently changes traditional teaching methods,” said Richard Vincent, co-founder and CEO of FundamentalVR. 

"With the addition of ophthalmology capacities, we are meeting this increased demand with proven technology that allows medical device companies and medical educators to more effectively train the next generation of surgeons and bringing innovative new procedures and equipment to market permanently.”


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