KBBO Group acquires 60% of Mobile Doctors 24-7

By Catherine Sturman
Established back in 2004, investment group KBBO has recently invested 60% of Mobile Doctors 24-7, a round-the-clock, state of the art Population Health...

Established back in 2004, investment group KBBO has recently invested 60% of Mobile Doctors 24-7, a round-the-clock, state of the art Population Health Management provider, which has become the most popular in the region. With a diverse portfolio, from healthcare to real estate development, KBBO Group is fully developing its foothold within the Middle East.

The acquisition makes KBBO Group the majority shareholder in MD 24-7, following its monumental success in what has been a transformational year.

With over 145,000 registered members, Mobile Doctors 24-7 has become fully patient centred, and enables patients to be seen in their own home by fully trained doctors, offering 24-hour medical and wellness concierge services. The use of innovative technologies, such as voice and video call, enhances this flexibility, as well as the use of live chat, doctor visits and clinics. MD 24-7 has over 230 multinational corporate clients in multiple countries including employers, insurance carriers, brokerage firms, TPAs as well as telecom carriers such as Etisalat.

Mobile Doctors 24-7 offers bidirectional and integrated mobile application, state of the art 24-7 Call Centre staffed with General Practitioners, Family Medicine specialists, Paediatricians, Psychiatrists, Pharmacists, Wellness Advisors, nurses and Case Managers. The division also provides “Hospital at Home Program” which is licensed by Johns Hopkins University, saving approximately 50% of alternative cost, according to a press release.

Yazen Abu Gulal, KBBO Group CEO, said: “Mobile Doctors 24-7 is a valuable asset that is a natural fit for KBBO’s numerous healthcare assets such as Emirates Hospitals and CosmeSurge.

Raouf Khalil, Founder and CEO of Mobile Doctors 24-7 also commented, “This is a critically important step forward in scaling our true healthcare solution that aligns both consumers and payers. The combination of our one of a kind delivery system with the support of KBBO Group and its strong presence in the healthcare sector assures MD 24-7 future is in good hands.”






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