Meditopia’s region-specific mindfulness mobile app

By William Smith
Meditopia is a Berlin-based startup offering a meditation app for stress reduction, sleep improvement and other benefits...

Meditopia is a Berlin-based startup offering a meditation app for stress reduction, sleep improvement and other benefits.

Its products launched in 2017 and have, the company claims, become the most widely downloaded mental coach in non-English speaking markets.

The company claims to differ from competitors by embracing the specific local culture in which it operates to inform the content it offers.

Meditopia operates in 75 regions, and works with professionals such as therapists, psychologists and meditation experts to tailor its offering to each individual region’s needs, whether cultural or language-based.

Accordingly, it has to date produced 3,000 “pieces of content” in 10 languages, and claims to have 14 million users in 75 countries.

Since its foundation in 2015, the company has raised $18.2mn across four funding rounds. Its latest Series A saw the company receive $15mn from lead investors Highland Europe and Creandum, an early backer of European success stories Spotify and Klarna.

In a press release, Meditopia co-founder Berk Yilmaz said: ““Our mental wellbeing is deeply rooted in our culture and the events happening around us, the way we speak, people we interact with, the community we live in, politics and so on. These are the main factors that affect our peace. Therefore mental wellness needs to be handled locally, personalized to our local needs and culture.” 

The company said it would use the funding to grow its products and geographical presence.

Carl Fritjofsson, Partner at Creandum said: “The social media age we have experienced enabled users an endless focus on others. We're now experiencing a new wave of technology which allows users to turn their focus inwards on themselves. We've followed Meditopia for the past two years and have been incredibly impressed by how they've been able to capture this opportunity across the world, all while being one of the most capital-efficient run companies around." 


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