New platform provides curated patient data to clinicians

By Leila Hawkins
A new partnership formed by Holon Solutions and Cerner Corporation uses patented technologies to provide curated patient information at the point of car...

 Clinicians spend around 35 per cent of their time documenting patient data, whether this is using paper-based records or electronic health records (EHR). This is valuable time that could be spent on patient care. In fact clinicians have reported they would like to spend around 6 per cent less of their time on documentation

A new process developed by two technology companies in the healthcare sector is aiming to deliver relevant patient info directly to the clinicians, saving them time on administrative tasks. 

Holon Solutions and Cerner Corporation have created CollaborNet® and HealtheIntent® respectively, new platforms that share clinical data from health plans, vendors, and previous healthcare providers to identify any gaps in care. This information is sent across to clinicians at the point of care, via a “ribbon” that displays along the patient’s chart in the ER. 

This data can help inform decisions about care and treatment plans, removing the need for clinicians to consult different systems to access relevant insights about their patient. This is particularly valuable for at-risk patients in value-based care. 

Holon’s CollaborNet® platform was patented in February 2020. It assigns patients with a unique identifier so that wherever they are seeking services, the relevant information is always provided to their physician or other healthcare professional. This includes any information related to health including housing services, food, and other clinical data. 

The HealtheIntent® system developed by Cerner collects data from different sources in near real-time, including from EHR, pharmacy managers and insurance claims. The data is then organized to identify gaps in care and match patients to relevant care programs. 

Cerner’s Vice President and General Manager of Health Network and Risk Solutions, Ray Herschman, says this partnership supports their vision for a seamless and connected world. 

“Holon’s advanced capabilities will help us automatically bring providers relevant information, insights and critical health data to help them guide patient care in a timely manner” he said. “We’re making it easier and more convenient for providers to use their data effectively and provide a higher quality of care.”

Jon Zimmerman, CEO, Holon Solutions, added: “Delivering critical knowledge at the point of need is the foundation of Holon’s mission in the market. We are thrilled to be collaborating with Cerner to ensure the valuable information generated reaches providers when and where they need it – with no effort on the provider’s part – as a huge step toward better quality care, provider experience, business performance, and improving outcomes."

“We look forward to continuing this exciting journey with the Cerner team, their HealtheIntent® clients, and provider users, as we work together to advance better healthcare for everyone.”

Holon Solutions has won awards for their work in healthcare technology, including “2018 Innovator of the Year for Value-Based Care” from Healthcare Infomatics and best Independent Software Vendor in 2019 at the 10th Annual Impact Awards. Meanwhile Cerner has been recognized as one of the 100 Most Innovative Companies in America by Forbes. 


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