Top 10 Healthcare Whitepapers

Here are our Top 10 Healthcare Whitepapers from AWS, Siemens, JLL, IQVIA, Palo Alto, Snowflake, CVS Health, Talkdesk, Acronis & Merative

10. Merative 

Heading to the future: Coordinated Health and Social Outcomes

Sean Renner, Go To Market Leader for International at Merative and Dr. Héctor Upegui, Chief Health Officer and Worldwide Market Development Executive at Merative, explore the best way to achieve outcomes for people with complex health and social situations. In the whitepaper ‘Heading to the future: Coordinated Health and Social Outcomes’, the duo look at how a person-centric service delivery model can help organisations answer this complexity.


9. Acronis 

Cyber protection solutions for 21st century healthcare industry challenges

How healthcare tech professionals can protect sensitive data in the new era of cyberthreats? Read Acronis’ whitepaper to find out how healthcare institutions can ‘grow profits, comply with privacy regulations, optimise patient care and improve interoperability’, by choosing the right payers, suppliers and delivery partners and working alongside the best academic institutions.


8. Talkdesk 

Building a patient-centric healthcare contact centre

Talkdesk’s whitepaper explores key trends that are changing how providers think about the patient journey and review tactics to deliver the best patient experience.

In this whitepaper, read about:

  • How patient experiences are driving change
  • The challenges facing today’s healthcare contact centres
  • A better way to deliver patient experience through the contact centre
  • What the healthcare contact centre of the future looks like
  • Where does healthcare go next?


7. CVS Health

Understanding and Addressing Vaccine Hesitancy

CVS Health’s new whitepaper discusses key survey findings and shares perspective about COVID-19 vaccine hesitancy. 

Among survey respondents:

  • 28% were interested in a vaccine as soon as it is possible
  • 35% would wait until others had been vaccinated
  • 20% were uncertain about receiving a vaccination
  • 17% did not plan on being vaccinated

CVS Health also shares how it is helping to ‘build awareness and ensure safe and equitable access across communities’.


6. Snowflake 

Data-driven healthcare done right

The global healthcare industry has highly unique data challenges, with ensuring that all hospital, payment and insurance data remains secure being a priority. 

This white paper from software developer Snowflake explains how healthcare professionals can address these challenges with the correct cloud data architecture.


5. Palo Alto Networks

Security Reference Blueprint for Healthcare

Palo Alto Networks is on a mission to be the cybersecurity partner of choice. In the whitepaper the company released earlier this year, Palo Alto Networks examines security reference blueprints used in the healthcare sector and offers a framework for hospitals to ‘protect patient care, protect data from compromise, rationalise the scope of compliance’ and more, with Palo Alto Networks next-generation security platform.



‘Vision 2030: patient services and support in the healthcare market of the future

In their whitepaper, IQVIA’s Dr Sandra van Os, Health Behaviour Change Specialist and Dr Jessica Walburn, Associate Director, use behavioural science principles to explore how medicine is becoming digital. Using insights from patient experience and outcomes data, they explore how it can become a powerful resource for diagnostics, therapy and care, and disease prevention.


3. JLL 

Navigating succession planning challenges in healthcare facilities management

The ‘Silver Tsunami’ continues to reduce the number of healthcare staff and worsen staffing challenges at healthcare facilities. In this whitepaper, JLL examines:

  • Why facilities managers are key to attracting and empowering your talent
  • How to build a robust FM platform to minimise the impact of personnel changes
  • How recruiting and training candidates from other fields can help fill crucial talent gaps.


2. Siemens 

Shaping the next decade in healthcare

Healthcare technology company Siemens Healthineers has moved computing to the cloud to better support patients and healthcare professionals. Using its Digital Ecosystem, Siemens Healthineers is leading the digitalisation of healthcare. Siemens Healthineers uses Microsoft Azure to make solutions easier for healthcare providers to access and improve the value of care delivered. 

In its whitepaper ‘Shaping the next decade in healthcare’, it reviews the impact of COVID-19 and how it exposed critical weaknesses in many health systems, the opportunities of digitalisation and the potential of new care paradigms.


1. AWS 

Powering a new era of clinical excellence

AWS is trusted by the global healthcare sector and life science industry for providing unmatched reliability, security and data privacy. With a market share bigger than Microsoft Azure and GCP combined, Amazon Web Services has grown to become the most comprehensive and widely-used cloud computing platform. AWS offers 175 services from data centres worldwide. 

In this whitepaper, AWS explores how machine learning can help healthcare organisations to:

  • Uncover potentially lifesaving insights
  • Enable clinical and operational excellence
  • Drive personalised relationships with consumers and patients
  • Increase the speed of innovation
  • Activate a healthcare partner network
  • Achieve better outcomes at lower costs


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