Comarch Diagnostic Point Boost for European Health Insurance

Healthtech specialist Comarch introduces Diagnostic Point, designed to improve health insurance across European markets

Leading healthtech provider Comarch is in advanced talks with leading insurers across European markets to roll out its new Comarch Diagnostic Point solution.

The new product is set to be rolled out by European insurers’ commercial accounts and will be used to revolutionise staff health checks and workplace sign-ups. 

But, what exactly is Comarch Diagnostic Point, and how does it work? 

At its core, the solution enables quick and easy health checks. Consisting of sensors and software that enable the measurement of the user’s basic health parameters, the solution is available on mobile, also making it an ideal solution for use in nursing homes. 

Built on an intuitive and clear application, Comarch Diagnostic Point guides users through all aspects of the medical examination. 

Comarch’s native Diagnostic Points technology makes it possible for tests to be performed independently in its basic mode. 

Advanced modes are also available, which can be performed and completed with the assistance of a nurse. 

The data gathered by Comarch Diagnostic Point is sent to the Comarch e-Care 2.0 platform, where it is analysed before the results are returned to the user. 

The results, except for ESG’s, and their initial interpretation are visible in the application right after the end of the test.

Indeed, Comarch Diagnostic Points are already available at preventative kiosks across Poland – Comarch’s native market. 

Comarch Diagnostic Point is available across a range of industries, including: 

  • Insurance sector: Checking the client’s health condition on the spot, without the mediation of medical facilities, in order to speed up the process of signing the policy.
  • Transport: Quick access to diagnostics or medical consultations on the road, in places remote from healthcare facilities.
  • Shopping centres: Access to basic tests if you have a health problem or feel unwell, and encouragement to lead a healthy lifestyle.
  • Corporations: Time-saving and convenience for employees who can check their health condition or conduct a medical consultation at the workplace.

Comarch Diagnostic Point can also be combined with Comarch’s Optimed NXT product, providing medical staff access to Comarch Diagnostic Point via the Optimed NXT software.


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