Welltok acquires Wellpass in a bid to enter the Medicaid market

By Catherine Sturman
Welltok, a data-driven, enterprise SaaS company that delivers the industry’s leading consumer health activation platform, has acquired the creator of...

Welltok, a data-driven, enterprise SaaS company that delivers the industry’s leading consumer health activation platform, has acquired the creator of interactive, popular text-based programmes, Wellpass.

Acquiring products such as Text4Baby, Text2Quit and Care4Life will further the company’s presence in the managed Medicaid and government markets and bring sophisticated text messaging capabilities and proven, evidence-based health programs into its consumer health activation platform.

 “Wellpass is a natural extension of the tremendous work we have been doing to enable health entities to activate consumers by targeting and connecting them with personalized health improvement resources,” said Jeff Margolis, chairman and CEO of Welltok.

“We look forward to building on Wellpass’ successful creation of consumer-first, actionable solutions that enable managed Medicaid, community focused organisations and state agencies to effectively improve the health and wellbeing of their populations.”

 Working with an impressive roster of managed Medicaid plans, state Medicaid agencies and departments of health, as well as providers and pharmaceutical companies, Wellpass has engaged with over 3mn individuals, delivering more than 400mn messages.

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Its evidence-based, clinically validated programmes range from adult and child health to diabetes management, smoking cessation and prenatal care and have generated impressive results, such as:

  • 26% increase in well-baby visits
  • 35% fewer missed prenatal visits
  • Reduced HbA1c by 12 percent (10.5% baseline)

The acquisition will allow Wellpass’ current clients to more effectively target and engage their members through machine learning and data driven insights, additional outreach channels like interactive voice, chatbot, and live coaching, and the ability to seamlessly incentivise and reward actions.

In addition, Wellpass’ interactive programmes and capabilities will be available in conjunction with Welltok’s full product suite. This will benefit the company’s broad portfolio of clients in the Medicare, large employer, commercial health, pharmacy and health services markets.

“We are excited to join the Welltok family and bring even more value to our clients and their consumers,” said Paul Meyer, Wellpass CEO and Welltok’s new public and community market president.

“Welltok’s end-to-end platform delivers unparalleled insights and the seamless ability for our clients, and the market at large, to connect individuals with the right resources, programming and incentives that drive action and positive outcomes for all.”


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