Top 10 healthcare businesses in the USA

J&J, United Health, McKesson, CVS, Pfizer, GE, Cardinal Health, HCA Healthcare & Abbott Laboratories are our Top 10 healthcare companies in the USA

10. Cigna Healthcare

Bloomfield, CT

Cigna is a global health insurance company which was founded in 1982, after Connecticut General Corporation (CG) and INA Corporation (INA) merged their health insurance businesses. The company works in partnership with its patients, supporting them in their journey to physical health and mental wellness, with its 74,000 employees working hard to achieve this. 


9. Cleveland Clinic

Cleveland, Ohio

Founded in 1921, not-for-profit Cleveland Clinic remains one of the largest and most respected hospitals in the USA. Its eight regional hospitals, 16 family health centres and a children's rehabilitation hospital offers patient care based upon the principles of cooperation, compassion and innovation. The company is best known for the first successful face transplant. 


8. Cardinal Health

Dublin, Ohio

Human-centred design meets clinical expertise at Cardinal Health. The self-described ‘innovation engine’ is a global distributor of pharmaceuticals, which also manufactures medicine and laboratory products. With 44,000 employees working across 30 countries, Cardinal Health is based in Ohio and trusted as a healthcare provider globally. 


7. McKesson

Irving, Texas

McKesson aims to expand health outcomes for all. Since its foundation in 1833, the company has been involved in almost every aspect of health. 

In Canada, McKesson Canada is working with the Canadian healthcare industry to offer essential medicine. At McKesson Europe, 30,000 employees take care of 2m patients.


6. HCA Healthcare


HCA Healthcare is driven to improve the level of care for human life, with its caregivers compassion, knowledge and skills. In 20 states, HCA Healthcare’s 294,000 employees work across 180 hospitals across 2,300 sites of care, including surgery centres, ERs, urgent care centres and clinics.


5. CVS Health

Woonsocket, Rhode Island

Through every moment of health, CVS Health improves healthcare access and decreases costs with its 40,000 physicians, pharmacists, nurses and nurse practitioners keen to support patients and their families. The company is also focused on building a sustainable workforce, by hiring veterans and  military spouses.

4. GE Healthcare


GE Healthcare has been ‘Creating a world where healthcare has no limits’ since 1994, from utilising new technologies to expanding digital healthcare.

GE’s Health Cloud provides a cloud-based platform for healthcare facilities to store, share, and analyse their clinical data, while GE’s telehealth platform Mural Virtual Care Solution provides virtual consultations and remote patient monitoring.

3. Abbott 

Abbott Park, Illinois

Global healthcare leader Abbott helps people live life to the fullest. Abbott is ensuring that they are part of the advancement of patient care, which includes diversity in clinical trials.

Abbott’s divisional Vice President of Global Clinical Affairs for the healthcare company’s vascular arm, Jennifer Jones-McMeans, spoke with Healthcare Digital about their clinical trials. 

“Our mission and purpose is really to focus on the care of patients with vascular disease,” she said.

2. Pfizer

New York, New York

In 1849, German immigrant Charles Pfizer decided to pursue healthcare innovations - the result of which is one of the most-recognised healthcare companies on the planet, behind scientific breakthroughs and revolutionary medicines designed to support better health and with the belief that all patients should have access to the medicine that they need.

Pfizer’s initiative, ‘An Accord for a Healthier World,’ hopes to spread equitable access to medicines and vaccines worldwide.

1. Johnson & Johnson

New Brunswick, New Jersey

Johnson & Johnson was founded in 1886 and has had a hand in a range of healthcare products - from its iconic baby shampoo to the invention of the First Aid Kit. One of the company’s biggest contributions has been its COVID-19 vaccine, which was rolled out across the world, in particular in the USA. Johnson & Johnson has recently embarked on a new research collaboration, combining AI with genomics, to improve its healthcare solutions. 


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