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Patient care has changed over the years with advancements in science and technology. It has not only improved the quality of life for many individuals...

Patient care has changed over the years with advancements in science and technology. It has not only improved the quality of life for many individuals, but these changes have also prevented many serious conditions. Among the latest innovations are preventative are, heart care and new technologies.

Preventative Care

One of the devices leading the way is the MelaFind, an optical scanner that helps doctors make a decision on ordering a biopsy for detection of melanoma. It helps reduce unnecessary invasive surgery that can leave scars and also lowers the cost of patient treatment. The product was just recently approved by the FDA and is being used by dermatologists.

Heart Care

A new product being brought to the US is the Sapien transcatheter aortic valve. It is designed for patients that cannot undergo traditional surgery. It reduces the time spent in the hospital, which also reduces the cost of care. The item has been used in Europe for some time but is only used in patients with no other treatment alternatives at this point.  

Developing Technologies

Not all technology has been approved and accepted into use. Many ideas are still in the development stage and are being tested.

For instance, a company in Philadelphia called Echo Therapeutics is working on a sensor that can read blood sugar levels through the skin. This would eliminate the finger pricks that diabetes patients currently have to deal with.

Sufferers of migraines may find relief in the near future with a new technology. It is currently in the testing phase in California and features an implant that would be placed in the gum on the side where most headaches occur. A remote control would be used to activate the implant when a headache is first noticed to prevent full onset.

These are just a few of the latest and most innovative technologies that are either available or on their way.

As the following article shows, for anyone wanting to know how to become a successful inventor in the medical industry, they must consider who will be using these devices and procedures.

Choosing the Right Technology

Many factors impact the decision on which technologies to add to the treatment options a hospital offers patients. Obviously, the cost is a major factor and can determine if the facility can afford to even consider the technology.

Another consideration is how much of the patient population will benefit from the new technology?

If it is something that will only treat a small number of individuals who come through the doors, it may not provide enough return on investment.

Hospitals must look at how they can improve patient care and still consider the bottom line. Their responsibility is to the community as a whole, not just a few patients who need specialized care.

This is a complex decision, which is why it often takes a long time for new systems to be implemented on a wide basis.

About the author: Joyce Morse is an author who writes on a variety of topics, including health care and technology.


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