Florida Hospital and GE Healthcare Partners are transforming clinical care across Central Florida

By Catherine Sturman
It has been announced that Florida HospitalandGE Healthcare Partnersare set to collaborate in the design and construction of a new command center to tra...

It has been announced that Florida Hospital and GE Healthcare Partners are set to collaborate in the design and construction of a new command center to transform clinical operations across Central Florida. The high-tech center will be the first of its kind in the region, and harness predictive analytics to support hospital staff to deliver quality, safe, and optimised clinical operations across all locations.

Stretching across 26 hospitals, Florida Hospital provides an array of health service and houses a number of internationally recognised programmes – from cardiology, women’s medicine and neurosciences, to orthopaedics, diabetes and transplant and advanced surgical facilities.

Through the partnership, the duo will further bring together advisory services, advanced analytics, and a world-renowned approach to individual and group change acceleration.

The command centre will enable the orchestration of patient care across nine Florida Hospital campuses in Orange, Seminole, and Osceola counties. Together, these hospitals handle over 2mn patient visits each year, leading Florida Hospital to become one of the US’ largest non-profit health systems.

The command centre’s Wall of Analytics will leverage existing IT systems, where the platform will source data from multiple systems and apply artificial intelligence algorithms to spot any discrepancies, enabling staff to prioritise patient-care activities and discharges, support short-term staffing decisions, and mitigate potential bottlenecks.

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Such command-centre technology has also been found to reduce wait times and expedite needed patient care. Additionally, by using near real-time data, providers can streamline processes in time-sensitive clinical situations.

Florida Hospital’s Command Center (FHCC) will achieve the distinction of being the largest health-care command centre (square footage) supporting the largest number of beds and hospital campuses. Analytic “tiles” in the FHCC will leverage learning from the other centres and break new ground in using artificial intelligence to constantly help caregivers.

“Florida Hospital prides itself on utilising innovative technology to provide the best possible care for our patients. Our goal is to improve the patient experience, enabling caregivers to spend more time with their patients while making care decisions more easily and quickly,” explained Daryl Tol, President & CEO of Florida Hospital and Adventist Health System’s Central Florida Division. “We are excited to partner with GE Healthcare Partners to bring this innovative concept to our care network.”

“Command Centre staff using advanced analytics in a purpose-built space will help caregivers help patients, all the time. The combination of human and artificial intelligence is what’s so powerful,” added Jeff Terry, CEO of Command Centres for GE Healthcare. “Florida Hospital is so advanced in many ways. We’re honoured for them to join GE’s command centre community.”

The command center will be built in a centralised location to serve Florida Hospital operations across the region. It is expected to open in 2019.


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