Health Care Turns Virtual

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A recent survey conducted by CISCO, a computer information system company, was able to shed light on the customer experience in regards to health care...

A recent survey conducted by CISCO, a computer information system company, was able to shed light on the customer experience in regards to health care. An in depth survey was conducted on global healthcare that indicated a shift on consumer expectation in India regarding medical services. The report reveals that the average consumer in India is open to virtual health care options that will help pave the way for more real-time doctor and patient interaction.

The survey examined the analysis and perceptions of consumers and health care decision makers on the patient experience. The report indicates that as information, technology, and the integration of the network become more common both human and digital aspects will become a vital part to the patient experience.

The global report includes responses from 1,547 consumers and health care decision makers from around the world. The survey looked at the views of consumers and health care decision makers on sharing personal health data, participating in in-person medical consultation versus remote care and using technology to make recommendations on personal health.

The study reveals that 94 per cent of Indians surveyed are okay with storing their health records in the cloud for easier access, and 88 per cent are at ease with interacting with their doctors virtually as an alternative to a meeting them face-to-face. 87 per cent of consumers stressed that they would trust technology to conclude if they needed to see a doctor.

Traditionally, face-to-face interaction has been the ideal health care experience; however the survey conducted by CISCO challenges this. Consumers still depend on the face-to-face health care, but a staggering three-quarter of patients are comfortable with a virtual health care experience. Vishal Gupta, Vice President and General Manager of Global Healthcare Solutions explains,

“Virtual healthcare is no longer a myth and this report is an indication of how technology can potentially play a greater role in enabling access to virtual healthcare. The state of convergence between the physical and digital world has raised the expectations of consumers and at the same time expanded scope for healthcare providers to take their engagement further with more collaboration and information.”


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