How eviCore's acquisition of QPID Health will support the shift to value-based care

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A company committed to enabling better outcomes for patients, payers and providers through advanced medical benefits management, eviCore healthcare anno...

A company committed to enabling better outcomes for patients, payers and providers through advanced medical benefits management, eviCore healthcare announced its acquisition of Boston-based QPID Health.

QPID Health, a Partners HealthCare spin-out in late 2012, has a history of innovative partnerships with leading health systems, helping providers achieve their care quality and cost reduction goals with sophisticated analytical software that generates actionable information and clinical insights from patient records.

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"We have dedicated our company to making a lasting, positive impact on all healthcare stakeholders through more informed decision-making and improved outcomes," said eviCore healthcare chairman and CEO John J. Arlotta. "Healthcare is being radically transformed and the traditional barriers between payers and care delivery systems are coming down. By integrating the QPID Health team and technology, we accelerate our ability to support the provision of healthcare in a value-based world."

QPID Health's technology is a powerful combination of natural language processing (NLP), clinical logic, and machine learning that generates patient facts from information found anywhere and in any format in longitudinal health records — including structured data fields and unstructured narrative notes.

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This overcomes a significant challenge to understanding a patient's history and status, since up to 80 percent of information might be found outside of discrete data fields.

"Our shared vision, culture and goals made eviCore an excellent fit for QPID Health's next phase of growth,” said QPID Health President and CEO Michael J. Doyle. “The combined entity leverages eviCore's decades of experience in developing clinical care pathways based on the best available evidence, with our deep roots supporting hospitals, clinicians and administrators focused on quality improvement.

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“With the new eviCore, best practices can be used to ensure that medical care is properly utilized, avoiding harm and ensuring the best patient outcomes.  The combined entity is committed to partnering with all risk-bearing entities to allow them to flourish in an increasing quality and value based environment." 

QPID Health will continue to maintain its offices in Boston and Carlsbad, Calif. and will retain its name. Terms of the deal were not announced.

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