Princess Alexandra Hospital: Nationally recognised for excellence, expertise

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On the eastern coast of Queensland, Australia sits a distinguished, state-of-the-art, medical research precinct: Princess Alexandra Hospital. Spanning...

On the eastern coast of Queensland, Australia sits a distinguished, state-of-the-art, medical research precinct: Princess Alexandra Hospital.

Spanning all the way back to 1883, Princess Alexandra Hospital has had a rich history. Now, with a staff of more than 6,500, it takes a vision and a team to execute it to achieve a level of paramount success.

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Building a vision of excellence

In 2001, former Executive Director of Nursing Services Joy Vickerstaff had a vision to utilize the Magnet framework to unite nursing services within Princess Alexandra Hospital. With the intent to improve the nursing culture and focus on patient safety, the vision was instigated following a staff cultural survey conducted by Best Practice Australia.

While the survey identified that the current nursing services had a “poor” workforce culture, Vickerstaff was not dismayed and pushed forward her vision for success. The cultural shift began from the onset of embarking on the journey and has resulted in a true cultural transformation.

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Achieving Magnet Designation

In 2004, Princess Alexandra Hospital was the first hospital in the southern hemisphere to achieve Magnet recognition.

Achieving Magnet Designation is the highest international distinction a healthcare organisation can receive for nursing excellence and quality of care that is delivered (ANCC, 2013, p.1). It provides a benchmark framework to create an optimal healthcare work environment that achieves extraordinary workplace culture, delivers the highest standards of care and, most importantly, achieves exemplary patient outcomes (ANCC, 2013, p.1).

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Princess Alexandra Hospital strives to align to the best practice framework as it has decades of research demonstrating that Magnet facilities have better nursing culture, better patient satisfaction and better patient outcomes.

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