Dechra Pharmaceuticals: A timeline

By Catherine Sturman
Working closely with regulators and catering towards ever-changing consumer demand, Dechra Pharmaceuticals has become one of the most well renowned vete...

Working closely with regulators and catering towards ever-changing consumer demand, Dechra Pharmaceuticals has become one of the most well renowned veterinary companies and one of the top 10 sellers of veterinary products globally.

The company has undergone a number of strategic acquisitions, enabling it to gain worldwide exposure across the board and guarantee strong revenue growth.

Originating in the UK as Arnolds & Son back in 1819, Dechra Pharmaceuticals turned its focus onto the veterinary market, supplying essential equipment and medical treatment, building long-term partnerships along the way.

Identifying a number of opportunities to ensure it continues to deliver world-class services and products, we take a look at how the company has grown exponentially.

2000 – 2005

Dechra acquired Veterinary Laboratories. The acquisition enabled Dechra to procure its services within the veterinary industry, creating increased competition. To support this further, the company acquired Anglian Pharma to strengthen its manufacturing capabilities

This enabled its products to be distributed throughout the European Union in 2003, following a marketing agreement with Janssen Animal Health, leading it to gain a full EU license for its drug Felimazole

2005 – 2010

The company’s continued success sees it enter the US market, placing down roots in Kansas City, Missouri. Back in the UK, the company continues to spread its roots, acquiring Leeds Veterinary Laboratories in 2007. In the same year, Dechra secured a long-term agreement with Pharmaderm Animal Health to support the growth of a number of products in the US market.

Dechra’s European expansion also sees it acquire Denmark based company VetXX Holdings A/S.

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2010 – 2015

To become a leader in the dermatological market, Dechra acquired Dermapet Inc in 2010, as well as Genitrix Limited and Eurovet Animal Health B.V to support its growing inventory

2015 - Present

The last five years has seen Dechra Pharmaceuticals undertake several acquisitions whilst developing its service model.

The company’s acquisition of Genera led it to enter and strengthen its position in the vaccines market, but also look towards further markets.

In 2016, Dechra acquired Brovel SA de CV, a veterinary pharmaceuticals company based in Mexico City, alongside pharmaceutical company Putney, located in the US.

Additionally, the company’s acquisition of Apex Laboratories Pty Ltd in Sydney will enable the company to expand its operations across Australia and New Zealand,


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