Meet the 9 Richest Health Care Professionals in Brazil

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The richest people in Brazil make up a combined worth of R$ 643.6 billion ($274.6 billion) and a handful of those individuals work in the health care in...

The richest people in Brazil make up a combined worth of R$ 643.6 billion ($274.6 billion) and a handful of those individuals work in the health care industry. Here are the nine richest health care professionals in Brazil.

9. Antonio Carlos Pipponzi – R$ 1 billion ($427 million)

Antonio Carlos Pipponzi serves as President and CEO of Raia Drogasil SA – the fourth largest chain of drugstores in Brazil and second largest in the state of São Paulo.

8. Carlos Pires de Oliveira Dias – R$ 1.03 billion ($440 million)

Carlos Pires de Oliveira Dias is a board member of the pharmacy network Raia Drogasil. He graduated in economics from Mackenzie University.

7. Geninho Thome – R$ 1.16 billion ($496 million)

Brazil holds the second position in the dental implant market in the world, second only to the United States. Geninho Thome is President of Neodent – a privately held dental company specializing in the design development and manufacture of dental implants. The company holds a third of the Brazilian dental implant market.

6. Paulo Sergio Barbanti – R$ 1.39 billion ($594 million)

In 1968, Paulo Sergio Barbanti founded Intermédica – a health business plan with assets including 90 surgical centers, 11 hospitals, eight emergency rooms and a professional network of 5,600 from around the country.

With a total of 3 million beneficiaries, including health and dental plans, Intermédica has a strong presence in São Paulo.

5. Jose Seripieri Filho – R$ 1.51 billion ($645 million)

Jose Seripieri Filho began selling health plans in the late 1980s. His experience in the industry led to the formation of Qualicorp Consultoria e Corretora de Seguros de Vida e Saude Ltda. Jose introduced the business model of making group adhesion health plans possible through partnerships with professional associations, which later on became an industry standard.

4. Francisco Deusmar de Queiros – R$ 2.18 billion ($932 million)

Francisco Deusmar de Queiros owns the second largest pharmacy chain in Brazil in sales, behind only newly consolidated Raia Drogasil. Pay Less, earned $3.2 billion in 2012 and last year was expected to reach revenues of R$ 4 billion and 17,000 employees, according to Forbes Brasil.

3. Jorge Moll Filho – R$ 3.17 billion ($1.35 billion)

Jorge Moll Filho is a Brazilian cardiologist and entrepreneur who founded Cardiolab – a health diagnostics imaging laboratory – in 1977 and was later rebranded as Labs D’Or – a network of health diagnosis centers throughout Rio de Janeiro.

Today, Rede D’Or operates 24 hospitals in several Brazilian cities with more than 4,000 beds. Another four hospitals are in the planning phases.

2. Dulce Pugliese de Godoy Bueno – R$ 4 billion ($1.71 billion)

In 1972, Dulce Pugliese de Godoy Bueno cofounded Amil Participacoes with her former husband Edson de Godo Bueno. With the acquisiotion of a few medical practices, Amil was tuned into a successfully publicly traded health insurer and hospital operator.

Dulce received a PhD in management from McCombs School of Business at the University of Texas at Austin and was assistant professor in the pediatrics department at Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro.

1. Edson de Godoy Bueno – R$ 5.79 billion ($2.47 billion)

Edson de Godoy Bueno is Brazil’s richest health care billionaire. In 2012, UnitedHealth Group purchased 90 percent of Brazilian insurer and hospital operator Amil Participacoes for $4.9 billion from Edson, with Edson retaining 10 percent of the share. Edson then went on to buy $470 million worth of UnitedHealth shares and joined the board.

According to Forbes, Edson is the son of a truck driver who decided to become a doctor at the age of 14 while working at a clinic. He later purchased the clinic before getting a medical degree from Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro. 


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