Why the AMA has partnered with Health2047

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In an attempt to honor its commitment of advancing medical practices to improve public health, the American Medical Association (AMA) has invested $15 m...

In an attempt to honor its commitment of advancing medical practices to improve public health, the American Medical Association (AMA) has invested $15 million toward becoming a founding partner of healthcare innovation company Health2047.

The Silicon Valley-based company combines strategy, design and venture disciplines with leading companies, physicians and entrepreneurs to improve healthcare. Health2047 will use AMA’s expertise and relationships with physicians to develop new products, tools and resources that deliver healthcare to patients.

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 “Improving the health of the nation is at the core of the AMA's work and Health2047 will build partnerships to create new solutions for physicians and their patients that improve health care delivery and health outcomes,” said AMA CEO and executive vice president James L. Madara, M.D. “Health2047’s product orientation and entrepreneurial DNA will help forge new paths and bring commercial solutions to market faster.”

The AMA’s financial commitment to establish Health2047 is a big step toward expanding its innovation ecosystem. The Chicago-based organization recently integrated innovation into its work, which has resulted in the creating of new physician-oriented digital tools as well as targeted engagement of health care startups.

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“Our investment in Health2047 tangibly underscores the AMA’s ongoing commitment to innovation and collaboration in health care,” said Madara. “This dynamic new environment will include the physician perspective in every major innovation cycle, ensuring that physicians play a greater role in leading changes that will move health care forward.”

Through its ongoing work, the AMA is providing opportunities for physicians to engage in innovation and share their ideas, expertise and real-world perspective on the effectiveness of technology in medical practice settings.

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From revitalizing medical practices to ensuring that digital health helps provide high-quality patient care, the AMA strives to help physicians navigate and succeed in a constantly evolving healthcare environment.

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