UK's first dedicated weight loss surgery clinic opens

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The UKs first dedicated bariatric clinic opens this week in the grounds of BMI The Clementine Churchill Hospital in Harrow, near London, England. The...

The UK’s first dedicated bariatric clinic opens this week in the grounds of BMI The Clementine Churchill Hospital in Harrow, near London, England.  

The clinic, which has been designed and opened by leading weight loss surgery group Streamline Surgical, was created around the needs and requirements of bariatric patients and aims to set a new standard for the treatment of obesity in the UK. 

Facilities such as The Sudbury Clinic have existed in the US for many years and with the opening of The Sudbury Clinic, Streamline Surgical and BMI Healthcare are acknowledging a new approach to the effective management of obesity.

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Founded by three of the UK’s leading consultant bariatric surgeons, Mr Shaw Somers, Mr Guy Slater and Mr Chris Pring, The Sudbury Clinic is designed to improve the patient experience, both physically and psychologically during their pre and postoperative care. 

The clinic offers a welcoming, safe and inclusive environment for patients and the team understands completely the needs of a bariatric patient and ensures that all patients are treated with care and compassion whatever stage of their weight loss journey they are at.

Specialist features in the clinic include larger doorways, sofas and examination beds that have been subtlety designed to meet the needs of the bariatric patient while creating a homely and inviting interior.

The seats in the waiting room have been raised four inches higher off the ground and can support up to 50st in weight.

The clinic's weighing scales also measure up to 80st, compared with the standard 25st.

Commenting on the opening of the clinic, Consultant Bariatric Surgeon and Co-Founder, Mr Shaw Somers, said: “The UK obesity epidemic is following the lead of that from the US and for several years public attitudes there have recognised the condition as an illness.

“Having worked as an NHS Surgeon for many years, I, along with many of my colleagues recognise the huge burden that obesity places on our resources, both directly and indirectly. 

“We want our patients to feel that they have somewhere to go that is designed to make them feel comfortable and can accommodate their needs in a subtle way.” 

He continues: “Centres like The Sudbury Clinic have long existed in America, and with the obesity epidemic in the UK growing rapidly, it is important that we offer a concrete support network for our patients.”

The Sudbury Clinic will provide specialist bariatric care for all patients and its multi-disciplinary team of surgeons, doctors, nurses, dieticians and psychologists will be supported by the expertise and facilities available onsite at BMI The Clementine Churchill Hospital.

Executive Director of BMI The Clementine Churchill Hospital, Jan Hale, added: “The opening of The Sudbury Clinic highlights the emphasis being placed on the issue of obesity by both BMI Healthcare and The Clementine Churchill Hospital.

“Obesity represents one of the biggest threats to health and wellbeing of the UK and for many patients, whom dieting, exercise and medications aren’t enough to bring their weight down to a safe and lasting level, surgery can be the only viable option.

“Many patients who are considering bariatric surgery face an unusually high level of anxiety and stress and we hope that this new clinic will become the model for the UK healthcare market place,” she said.  

“By addressing the needs of our patients we hope to support them in every way along their journey to a longer healthier life.”

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