Is Your Business Prepared to Handle Allergy Season?

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For a significant number of companies, having preventive measures in place to safeguard the health of its workers has been key to its agenda of strategi...

For a significant number of companies, having preventive measures in place to safeguard the health of its workers has been key to its agenda of strategic maneuvers to reduce rates of health problems and accidents.

General Director of Medical Services Empresante S.C., Dr. Alejandro Torres Guevara, told our sister publication Business Review America Latina that it is very important that companies prepare for the sufferings of certain periods. For example, during this time of year respiratory diseases from allergies generate a large percentage of absenteeism.

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Dr. Guevara went on to say that it is necessary to inform workers about health illnesses and promote vaccination campaigns and the use of antibacterial gels which hinder the spread of infections, among other measures.

He also mentioned that getting sick doesn’t benefit the worker, as no employee enjoys being in a state of discomfort. Sickness also doesn’t benefit the company as it leads to reduced productivity as employees need to stay home and recover.

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Dr. Guevara went on to explain how previously, the only topics discussed by executives were quality, production and costs. Now, the topic of health and safety of employees has become an important one to have as it strongly influences the competitiveness of a business.

Latin American companies, in particular, also need to comply with regulations issued by the Directorate General of Quality and Health Education and the Secretariat of Labor and Social Welfare to receive a higher certification for safety and health.

To conclude, as the General Director of Medical Services, Dr. Guevara explained that Empresante S.C. is a multidisciplinary company that involves and engages all levels of employees to identify risk factors and promote and support preventive actions.

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