Aidoc receives CE mark for first commercial deep learning solution for radiologists

By Catherine Sturman
Leading healthcare AI company Aidoc have announced that it has received CE marking for the world’s first commercial head and neck deep learning medica...

Leading healthcare AI company Aidoc have announced that it has received CE marking for the world’s first commercial head and neck deep learning medical imaging solution. This CE marking will allow for the widespread commercialisation of Aidoc’s solution across Europe.

Utilising deep learning to augment radiologists’ workflow and highlight anomalous cases, which are often highly urgent, the company’s solution comprehensively detects abnormalities in imaging of both the head and neck, an area responsible for a major portion of medical images.

Providing significant value for day-to-day diagnosis, time saved by Aidoc’s solution could be extremely impactful in trauma cases, where time can be the difference between the patient’s life and death.

This deep learning technology highlights a vast array of medical findings to help radiologists prioritise readings, aimed at facilitating interpretation and reducing time to decision when it matters most. Radiologists can now perform smart optimisation of their worklist by prioritising cases based on AI medical image analysis in conjunction with other clinically available data.

Based in Tel Aviv, Israel, Aidoc’s solution is agnostic to radiologists’ incumbent software, integrating seamlessly and providing immediate results, and has undergone a number of studies, both in the Europe and the US.

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“The amount of medical imaging – especially CT and MR scans – is increasing dramatically, but the number of radiologists has plateaued, creating unsustainable bottlenecks and making the radiologist’s already complex work even more challenging,” explained Aidoc CEO Elad Walach.

“Our technology can have a monumental impact augmenting the radiology workflow, aimed at more cost-effective treatment for medical centers and practices, and the healthcare system as a whole. With the CE mark, we have a unique opportunity to update outdated technology for the benefit of hundreds of millions of Europeans.”

“In our clinical trial, Aidoc’s technology has demonstrated its ability to enhance our radiologists’ workflow, as abnormal scans can be prioritised and more carefully reviewed,” commented Dr. Barry D. Pressman, MD, Chairman of Imaging at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, California.

“Our firsthand experience has led me to believe in the technology’s potential to achieve a significant increase in our radiologists’ productivity and accuracy. It’s a win both for our physicians and our patients. Aidoc’s AI powered solution will help our radiologists be their best, and streamline their workflow.”


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