Augmedix’s AI improves healthcare staff productivity

Manny Krakaris, CEO of Augmedix, explores transforming healthcare with ambient AI medical documentation & how AI solutions are improving productivity

At Augmedix, the team delivers industry-leading, ambient medical documentation and data solutions to hospitals and health systems. 

“Our platform digitises the natural clinician-patient conversations, converts it to structured data and medical notes in real time, and seamlessly transfers it to the electronic health record (EHR). Our technology reduces clinicians' administrative burden, which increases their productivity and satisfaction,” said Manny Krakaris, CEO of Augmedix. “We take great pains to ensure our technology is “invisible” at the point of care - that it does not interfere with the natural interaction between clinician and patient.”

Facilitating a human connection between clinician and patient is core to Augmedix’s mission. Here, Krakaris tells us more. 


Hi Manny, tell us about your work with hospitals and health systems. 

“Founded in 2012, Augmedix is the first company to bring ambient medical documentation solutions to hospitals and health systems. Today, Augmedix works in acute and ambulatory care settings and has built a reputation of trust, quality, and reliability.

“Augmedix helps hospitals and health systems realise short payback and significant return on investment by increasing clinician productivity, improving note accuracy, accelerating reimbursements, reducing clinician burnout and turnover and ultimately improving patient care. Our proprietary platform adds efficiency, uniformity and consistency to the medical note documentation process, while providing clinicians with high levels of transparency and control. Moreover, it is designed to scale quickly and easily across hospitals and health systems.

“Earlier this year, we announced our partnership with HCA Healthcare, which is focused on advancing the development of AI-powered ambient medical documentation products for emergency department physicians to help streamline hospital workflows. Our partnership is a testament to the positive impact that Augmedix can have on hospitals and health systems.”

Manny Krakaris, CEO of Augmedix

What have you learned about their use of AI?

“On one hand, hospitals see the significant advantages that AI can deliver. For example, clinicians spend up to one-third of their day on medical documentation. Streamlining medical documentation and other administrative tasks through AI can transform a physician’s day, dramatically reducing time spent in the EHR and related administrative duties. The benefits of this time savings are significant. They include a reduction in physician burnout, an increase in productivity and an expansion of patient access - all without the need for the hospital to add any staff.

“More broadly, AI has the potential to bridge the growing gap in the healthcare industry between a shrinking physician workforce and a growing and ageing patient population. The efficiencies that AI can deliver as it evolves will be crucial for the continued improvement of our healthcare system.

“While the benefits are clear, hospitals and health systems are rightfully cautious with any new technology, and the rapid advancement and the widespread adoption of generative AI is no exception. Patient privacy, safety and reliability will always be the top priorities.  Accordingly, any new technology will need to establish a successful track record of satisfying  these critical prerequisites in order to experience wide adoption.

“As a trusted health system partner that has been delivering ambient-based solutions for over a decade, Augmedix understands the need for technology to deliver a compelling value proposition without compromising on privacy, safety and reliability. Our technology uses automatic speech recognition to transcribe the natural conversation between clinicians and patients. We also apply natural language processing, including large language models and structured data sets, to generate medical notes. The various components of our technological approach work together to ensure medical notes are comprehensive, accurate, and timely-delivered through a secure, HIPAA-compliant platform.”


How can AI deliver ROI in healthcare?

“By automating the medical documentation process and providing more comprehensive and accurate medical notes, Augmedix brings immediate and substantial ROI to health systems. For example, allowing the technology to do the heavy lifting when it comes to generating a medical note frees up clinicians to increase their patient census and to generate notes that accurately record the services they provide to ensure appropriate reimbursement. Studies we have conducted at some of our healthcare enterprise customers confirm the significant positive financial impact our products can have on our customers’ P&L.”


What do the next 12 months hold for you?

“We will be launching our newest product, Augmedix Go, later this month. Augmedix Go uses ambient AI technology to create a draft medical note on a fully automated basis after each patient visit. The note is available in real time for the clinician to review, edit, and approve. 

“We believe Augmedix Go will be a game-changer, making our platform more widely accessible to clinicians. But our innovation will not stop there, as we continue to expand on our broad portfolio of products and improve clinician workflows.

“Our focus is on innovation, patient safety and harnessing the latest technology in a responsible and thoughtful manner so that our industry can continue to improve the delivery of healthcare. Adoption of generative AI in healthcare will be governed by trust. We believe being transparent about how we employ it will help engender trust among our customers and lead to greater acceptance of products in which it is incorporated.  

“Leveraging the bi-directional communication channel we have to the point of care, which is ground zero in healthcare, is another area we are keenly focused on. This channel provides us an opportunity to be a vehicle for change at the point of care - not only through applications we develop but those developed by third parties that are delivered through our open platform. Our platform will continue to evolve to address the ever-changing needs of hospitals and health systems.”


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