Google’s new wearable is a health tracker designed just for doctors

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Step aside Google Glass, Google has created another device intended just for health professionals. A health tracking wristband intended to be used in c...

Step aside Google Glass, Google has created another device intended just for health professionals.

A health tracking wristband intended to be used in clinical trials and drug tests has recently been revealed by Google Inc.’s life sciences group Google X.

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According to our sister brand Business Review USA, the experimental device can measure pulse, heart rhythm, skin temperature and environmental information such as light exposure and noise levels.

Andy Conrad, head of the life sciences research team, told Bloomberg in an interview that the device is designed to be a medical one rather than a consumer-facing product.

The tracker, which is in fact a wearable, is similar to a smartwatch and is meant to target early diagnosis in patients.

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Many doctors believe that 50 percent of diseases go from bad to worse because of improper or late diagnosis. Google is hoping to change this statistic however by creating a technology that can extract continuous medical-grade information about the wearer. Doctors can then study and understand recurring patterns of diseases and find the best solution to combat them.

The Google X team previously brought us Google Glass and seems to continue to want to venture into the health sciences realm.

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It is reported that the team will be launching a range of medical products including a blood glucose-monitoring lens, the Lift ware spoon designed to counteract tremors caused by Parkinson’s disease, nanoparticles that will detect disease and Baseline.

The tracker will undergo further testing in the coming months with the goal of achieving regulatory clearance in Europe and the U.S.

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