Omnigo: providing Covid recovery technology

By Leila Hawkins
Omnigo has created two technology solutions to make public spaces safe from the risk of Covid-19...

With Covid vaccination programmes rolling out, discussions are turning to what the post-pandemic world will look like, particularly workplaces and public spaces. 

US-based Omnigo Software was founded as a public safety solutions provider in 2017 when tech companies ITI Technologies, iView Systems and Report Exec merged. Led by former law enforcement, surveillance, and other public safety and security professionals, Omnigo equips organisations in law enforcement, healthcare, education, hospitality and the gaming industries with solutions to help improve their operational efficiency, minimise risk and manage their safety. 

In response to Covid-19 Omnigo launched two software applications to protect people from the risk of infection: one equipped with a thermal scanner, and the other a cleanliness compliance programme. 

Sheldon is intelligent recognitions software, with touchless thermal scanning that can screen high-traffic areas in seconds. The other solution, CleanTraq, can schedule, track and verify that all cleaning and sanitation tasks are being completed as required by the Department of Health and other regulatory organisations. 

Omnigo CEO Rich DeFrancisco explains that it enables staff to schedule sanitation routes and track completions. "It can ensure that high-traffic, high-risk areas are sanitised and cleaned as needed and within specified time frames. 

"It’s designed to help facilities manage and keep records of when, where, and who sanitised a location or equipment, further enforcing sanitation and compliance requirements with all governing standards." 

CleanTraq uses automation to schedule and assign cleaning activities. A mobile app displays cleaning schedules and documentation, and dashboards provide live data and up-to-date statuses. 

The software enables them to act quickly if there is a risk of infection. "If there is Covid exposure at a facility, staff can use CleanTraQ to immediately create the required tasks such as blocking off exposed areas, disinfecting, and sanitising" DeFrancisco says. "These tasks will sync automatically from a mobile device to the database and immediately be available for further action." 

"What sets our solutions apart is the ability to provide a quick and efficient response to incidents, allowing hospitals and clinics to be proactive and act quickly to protect themselves and patients." 


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