Startup Spotlight: Poseida Therapeutics’ genome engineering

By William Smith
San Diego, California-based Poseida therapeutics is a biopharmaceutical firm using gene engineering to create cell and gene therapeutics...

San Diego, California-based Poseida Therapeutics is a biopharmaceuti cal firm using gene engineering to create cell and gene therapeutics.

At the clinical stage, the company continues to discover and develop potential cures through its platforms, which include the piggyBac DNA modification system, Cas-CLOVER site-specific gene editing system and gene delivery technologies.

The company is pursuing cures for cancer and other diseases, which work by grafting to the patient’s body and harnessing the immune system for long-lasting responses which may have the capacity to work in a single treatment.

Recent developments at the company include the dosing of the first patient in a clinical trial of a t herapeutic candidate to treat prostate cancer last month. At the time, Eric Ostertag, M.D., Ph.D., Chief Executive Officer of Poseida, said: "Extending our gene engineering technology to solid tumors represents the next opportunity in oncology where we believe our proprietary platforms and approach have advantages over others in the space.

“Our platform technologies, which include the piggyBac DNA Modification System and Cas-CLOVER site-specific gene editing system, are driving our diverse pipeline of next-generation CAR-T treatments for hematologic and solid tumors, as well as gene therapies addressing rare diseases."

The company has, since its foundation in 2014, raised $336.5mn across six funding rounds, demonstrating the level of excitement around the company’s potential. Its latest Series D round is its second biggest to date, raising $110mn from lead investor Fidelity Management and Research Company, alongside Schonfield Strategic Advisors, Adage Capital Management and “a number of current investors”.

In a press release, Ostertag said: "This financing supports the approach we are taking to leverage our broad proprietary gene engineering platform technologies, including the piggyBac DNA Modification System and Cas-CLOVER site-specific gene editing system, for the creation of numerous differentiated cell and gene therapy product candidates.”


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