Trailblazer: Sunil Maddikatla founder of healthtech BlueSemi

Sunil Maddikatla, CEO of health tech company BlueSemi, is keen on AI, IoT & helping customers take control of their health, as explored at VivaTech Expo

Sunil Maddikatla is the Founder and CEO of health technology company BlueSemi. Founded in 2017 and headquartered in Hyderabad, India, the company recently unveiled the world's first HealthTech Gadget EYVA, that measures six key vitals of the human body including non-invasive blood glucose in 60 seconds, just by a touch. 

Sunil carries a vision to impact billions of people positively and help them enhance their quality of life with EYVA. With a background of nine years across entrepreneurship, technology, strategic planning and business expansions in multimillion-dollar markets, Sunil is a postgraduate in research from IIIT Hyderabad, as well as an advisor and mentor at some idea-stage startups.


AI and IoT technology at BlueSemi

The BlueSemi team is committed to creating user-centric and design-inspired products and is on a mission to bring a positive transformation into people’s lives by making holistic wellness an integral part of their life with their one-of-a-kind innovation.

The company leverages the fourth wave of technology including AI and the IoT to bring their vision into reality. BlueSemi is determined at blending health, wellness and cutting-edge technology to create a virtual world where people look up to explore, analyse and optimise their vitals through real-time interactions, comfort and fascinating simulations that makes self-care easy, interesting and fun.  

BlueSemi has built EYVA, the world's first non-invasive gadget to give six key vitals including non-invasive (no prick/no blood) Blood Glucose, ECG, Heart Rate, Spo2, HbA1c and Blood Pressure by touch in just 60 seconds along with a whole new world, Anthea Realm where people can connect to their inner self and improve their lifestyles.

Hi Sunil! Your company is on a mission to transform people’s lives by making holistic wellness an integral part of their life. How will EYVA do this?

“We all know how we used to look a week or a year back from the reminders from Facebook, Snapchat or Instagram posts, right? But what about our inner body? 

“None of us know how our body is behaving on a daily basis. Some people think working out more, eating less or taking medicine will help them, but none of them have a simple, easy and convenient way of understanding their body better so far and to measure the effect of our daily choices on our health.

“Everyone wants to do it, just like everyone wants to stay in touch, it’s just that they dodn’t have a medium or social media called Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp. So they were not able to communicate easily and were doing it the hard way.

“Similarly, everyone wants to take best care of their health, avoid going to hospitals, avoid chronic illness, but they don’t know the best way to do it. They don’t get instantaneous insights about themselves to build a holistic life. 

“They just know they need to go to the hospital, get a full body checkup done, go to nutritionists, etc. But can they do this right? They can still go to a hospital, nutritionist and gym but can they prioritise and choose, can someone or something tell them that your body on a daily basis is behaving like this. The kind of food you eat affects your body in a good or a bad way, your workout is better in the morning than in the evening, based on how your readings are. They needed someone or something to tell them - and that something is EYVA!

“We are building Eyva to ensure people make informed decisions about their body, keep trying new things and experimenting with themselves - trying good healthy things, junk things, and many more to understand how their body is responding.

“With EYVA, you will know how your body was yesterday, today and an hour ago too, how the food you’ve eaten or the workout you’ve done or just sleeping at the right time affects your vitals. 

“You can eat carbs or junk, but you will be in control as you know what it is doing to your body, you will know how it affects your body, so you will do it in control. Taking control over your habits that’s what Eyva will help you achieve consistently. 

“EYVA also helps people who are already under the chronic illness category to monitor, maintain and keep suggesting what is best to improve and maintain a healthy lifestyle. 

“With Eyva, you don't have to quit or completely change your activities, you only have to be conscious of your activities. It helps you measure the effect of your everyday habits on your health and record the progress so you make informed choices and gain control over your habits. People who find it hard to monitor and manage chronic conditions can also sigh with relief now.

“Just like smartphones, Eyva entails all the aspects to form an integral part of people's everyday lives, enabling them to embrace and build a holistically happier & healthier lifestyle.”


Why did you choose to attend The VivaTech Expo?

“Every great product needs a grand stage to illustrate its essence. Viva Tech gave us the arena and opportunity to share our vision of helping people build holistically healthy lifestyles globally and introduce Eyva's touch to more and more people across the world.

“We also look forward to connecting with like-minded people to explore partnership and investment synergies.

“Seeing India being chosen as a "Country of the Year" at Viva Tech 2022 is a matter of great pride for us as Eyva is a 100% made-in-India product. We are elated beyond words to be a part of this glorious event!

“Besides this, we are honoured to mention that Eyva was selected by the Government of India, along with a few other top startups of the country, to represent India at Viva Tech.” 


How do you hope to see the healthcare industry in India transform over the next 12 months?

“The recent pandemic has instilled a sense of health awareness in people and propelled them to adopt practices that support their overall health and fitness.

“There has been a 49% increase in the number of people going to the gym or trying to adapt to better healthcare across the globe after the pandemic to make sure they are healthy and avoid the hospital. 

“According to the World Economic Forum's website, 46% more people downloaded health and fitness apps in 2020 globally. While in India, there was a staggering 156% increase in the number of people who downloaded health and fitness apps.

“In the next 12 months, we hope to witness a version of India where people are more informed and receptive to building healthy habits and following a balanced lifestyle.”


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