AXA Health: insurance for positive change in healthcare

As one of the leading insurers, AXA’s healthcare brand focuses on its impacts to individuals, businesses and the wider community and environment

They are there for us when we need them the most. Healthcare insurers, similar to hospitals and general practices, have experience a tough couple of years with the onset of COVID-19 and mass admittance to hospitals. When the patients need it most, AXA Health is able to provide for its customers, allowing access to necessary treatment and remote GP consultancy. But the key to health is a lifestyle change and AXA is promoting a healthier one for all. 

AXA created its health branch in 2020 during the coronavirus pandemic as a way of improving its customers’ experiences and bring out the best in the them. One of the ways it achieved this, during the period of mass isolation, is by introducing a remote Clinical Support Centre to allow for contactless specialist consultations. This is just one of the ways AXA Health has promoted healthcare access for its clients. 

AXA promotes healthy living 

Before the company can support others, it must ensure the health and well-being of its team. To support employees to live a better lifestyle, AXA encourages lunch time yoga classes for the body and mind. All colleagues are encouraged to work on themselves and do more for their fitness. 

The well-being of the team is represented by the firms other achievements to support the community, including charity work throughout the year and environmental stewardship. The AXA Research Fund has also received €250mn since 2007 to carry out 650 research projects. 

Improving relationships with healthcare providers

AXA Health has always worked well with its colleagues in the National Health Service (NHS) as well as other organisations in the healthcare industry. Collaborating with service providers means the business can improve the quality and consistency of care for AXA customers and support private healthcare organisations as well. 

"Good healthcare focuses on meeting the patient’s needs – for me, and for all of us at AXA Health, that means putting our members at the heart of all we do. I'm passionate about working with providers of healthcare services who share our vision of making healthcare better – ensuring we all work together to deliver good quality care, in the right setting, with the right people, at the right time, for all our members." - Sara Taylor, Head of Specialist and Practitioner Relations. 


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