CVS Health’s COVID-19 Testing for Universities and Employers

By Emily Cook
CVS Health’s Return Ready™ is a new COVID testing solution and return-to-worksite initiative...

CVS Health’s Return Ready™ is a new COVID testing solution and return-to-worksite initiative.

The goal of Return Read is to get America’s employers and universities back on their feet and working in a safe and maintained environment. It’s flexible technology allows it to be situated as on-site testing or drive-thru testing at CVS Pharmacy locations. It’s designed to fit the needs of a business and can be customized as part of their COVID-19 business strategy moving forward, allowing them to decide how, where and when to test employers and students.  

How it works

Within a workplace, there is the option to do online testing which involves “Rapid point-of-care molecular diagnostic testing” which is ideal for worksites where more and quicker testing is required. The second option is to receive the results over a few days. This involves a swab-and-send sample collected from a drive-thru at one of CVS’ 14,000 locations across the US. This option is recommended for those with a workforce spread across larger areas and where periodic testing is essential. 

Tracking COVID spread

CVS Health also offers a solution which allows employers to monitor, manage and track data of COVID-19 in an attempt to mitigate the spread across workplaces. This system is accessed as a self-serve, web-based dashboard with easy access to data from nearby locations to help recognise trends from testing sites. 

About CVS Health

CVS Health is an American healthcare company that is most well known for owning CVS Pharmacy among many other health-related brands. It currently stands as No.1 of the Top Healthcare Organizations in the World based on Sales. It’s revenue sits as $257.3 billion, assisted by the 2018 acquisition of healthcare insurance company, Aetna.

CVS Health has a simple mission, and that is “Helping people on their path to better health.”. They recently joined the initiative that addresses the issue of racial inequality in America and has pledged $600 million over five years. This money will go towards advancing employee, community and public policy that addresses the inequalities that the black community faces. CVS have also stated that they will use their power to “advocate for public policy that addresses the root causes of systemic inequalities and barriers, including efforts to address socioeconomic status, education, and access to health care”.


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