CVS report: post-COVID-19 focus is on better communication

The CVS 2022 Health Care Insights Study shows that healthcare professionals want more time to spend with patients and patients want better communication

Results from the CVS Health 2022 Health Care Insights Study has shown how attitudes to healthcare have altered since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The findings reveal that patients value a higher quality of communication with their healthcare provider. Meanwhile, healthcare professionals want to spend more time with them. As the world opens up to the new normal, the healthcare sector deserves to be heard first and these results are a valuable consideration as to what should come next.

CVS Health understands how the present healthcare system creates barriers to care and is dedicated to rebuilding the sector.

The results show need for better communication and more time spent with patients

Findings from the 2022 Health Care Insights Study revealed that:

  • Communication between patients and their healthcare providers is still at the core of patient needs: 60% of consumers taking medication for complex conditions said communication between their primary care physician and specialist was very important
  • Healthcare providers feel extremely pressed for time: 88% of providers wish they had more time to care for patients with complex conditions
  • Mental health is still a taboo. 11% of patients said that they would be embarrassed or even ashamed to seek mental health help for themselves, while 10% said they would never use mental health services
  • However, healthcare providers are supportive of connecting their patients to mental health professionals. 57% said access to mental health professionals would be very helpful to their patient population


Post-COVID-19, healthcare consumers are embracing mental wellness and strong communication with health care professionals 

Joel Helle, Vice President of Physician Services at CVS Health, said he was encouraged that despite the problems caused by COVID-19, the survey proved that patients' trust in their health care providers is strong. 

“More than ever, consumers are seeking more profound and meaningful relationships with their health care providers. An overwhelming number of consumers - 81% - said it was important to them that their primary care provider be aware of their overall happiness and satisfaction with life. The same percentage wants their primary care provider to be aware of their stress levels and how they’re dealing with difficult emotions. Post-pandemic, consumers are embracing a more holistic view of health that incorporates mental and emotional wellness, and strong communication with their health care providers has become a priority.

“Despite the challenges of COVID-19 and a fractured health care system, our survey showed that consumers’ trust in their health care providers has remained strong. While 66% of consumers said they trust their primary care provider just as much as they did before the pandemic, an additional 27% said their level of trust has actually increased. The majority of providers confirm that the rise of anti-vaccine and anti-science sentiment has not changed their patient’s trust in them.

“Providers reported that even though the worst of the pandemic seems to be over, they still spend a significant amount of time discussing COVID-19 prevention and safety with their patients and listening to their patients describe how the pandemic has personally impacted them.”

Read the full report here: 2022 Health Care Insights Study


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