Demand to study healthcare courses soars in Queensland

By Catherine Sturman
The move towards consumer, digitally driven healthcare models are advancing at a rapid pace, transforming the way in which we deliver and treat patients...

The move towards consumer, digitally driven healthcare models are advancing at a rapid pace, transforming the way in which we deliver and treat patients both in acute settings and within the home.

Such is the growth of digital healthcare, courses within the industry have soared in Queensland, where students are becoming increasingly aware of the potential they can bring to the table, and has led to healthcare becoming a preferential choice of study at university.

The Brisbane Times has reported that The Queensland Tertiary Admissions Centre gave offers to more than 35,000 students across December and January this year, offering students places in which to study their chosen healthcare subject in 2018.

“Allied health is growing in response to increased demand for services across the disability, mental health, aged care and health sectors,” commented QTAC Chief Executive Officer Dr John Griffiths.

“While traditional health programs remain popular, there is a trend toward courses leading to health careers outside medicine, dentistry and nursing that support patients through a variety of therapeutic, diagnostic and technical services.”

Escalating healthcare costs have driven companies to partner with tech giants and researchers to formulate cost effective solutions for patients and develop a complete new model of healthcare.

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Researchers at Griffith University, situated at Gold Coast has recently partnered with Huawei and Tonwo Health Clinic Technology to support the implementation of health wearables to support patients with long-term conditions.

Taking a leaf from Apple’s book, the partnership will see the creation of five wearables which, similarly to the Apple Watch, will deliver vital patient data in real-time and enable a reduction in healthcare costs.

“Following our research, we have five devices ready for launch: Blood pressure Monitor table, Blood pressure on arm, Handheld Pulse oximeter, Blood Glucose Meter, Body fat scale,” commented  John Zeng, President of Tonwo Health Clinic Technology.

“The network in Australia will be provided by operators to support the communication between the devices and NB-IoT.”

“The potential of NB-IoT in the healthcare industry is unlimited and we are expecting more exciting business models to come in the near future.”


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