OrthoFX’s dental technology inspires $13mn funding round

By William Smith
OrthoFX is a San Francisco-based orthodontic and teeth straightening service, using technology to improve the dentistry experience...

OrthoFX is a San Francisco-based orthodontic and teeth straightening service, using technology to improve the dentistry experience.

The company’s FXOnTrack platform features technologies such as virtual consultations, remote treatment monitoring and wear-time tracking through sensors, which it says reduces the need for in-office visits while still providing the necessary alignment.

Patients can submit photographs of their treatment to be reviewed by both an algorithm and doctors, building up a 3D model of how their teeth will look in future.

On the physical side of the equation, Its clear aligners use a proprietary polymer blend, while at-home impression kits allow for them to be tailored to the mouth of each patient.

Since its foundation in 2017, the company has raised $17mn from two rounds. Its Series A, announced earlier this week, saw the company raise $13mn from lead investor SIgnalFire, alongside Unusual Ventures, Shangbay Capital and Kairos.

In a press release, Dr. Jonathan Levine, an OrthoFX provider, said: “DIY projects are great for your home, not for your mouth. Without a doctor’s oversight, serious and permanent issues like periodontal disease, tooth decay, jaw pain, and misaligned bites can go undiagnosed. OrthoFX has figured out the perfect blend of at-home treatments and intelligently scheduled doctor office visits -- which has allowed me to continue providing effective care, even when my offices were closed for such a long period of time.” 

The company said it would use the funding to invest in R&D, as well as further improve its offering of digital and physical orthodontic services.

“We started OrthoFX with the premise that a high-quality patient experience must involve care delivered by an orthodontic professional,” said Ren Menon, OrthoFX CEO. ‘Unlike “Do It Yourself’ clear aligner industry newcomers that minimize clinician-patient interaction, we partner orthodontic professionals with every patient receiving professional consultation and follow up treatment.”


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